Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

DEVELOPER: Neversoft
PUBLISHER: Activision

Self Improver

Target your own score on a Challenge and earn a higher grade than you did previously (Local QP+)
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Unlocked by 70 of 150 players (46%)
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First Unlocked

danpsfx danpsfx
Unlocked 09-25-2010 08:15 AM
SteVic82 SteVic82
Unlocked 09-25-2010 08:34 AM
Thrash Forever Thrash Forever
Unlocked 09-25-2010 03:15 PM
weffalump weffalump
Unlocked 09-27-2010 04:43 PM
illum1na illum1na
Unlocked 09-28-2010 02:22 PM

Recently Unlocked

Facial La Fleur Facial La Fleur
Unlocked 11-02-2013 06:14 AM
Bomber37 Bomber37
Unlocked 07-25-2013 10:54 PM
DaRealShady DaRealShady
Unlocked 07-11-2013 08:05 PM
Jr FrIeNdLyFiRe Jr FrIeNdLyFiRe
Unlocked 10-14-2012 09:34 PM
Spectresubzero Spectresubzero
Unlocked 07-15-2012 03:14 PM