8 Games, 2 Expansions,$4

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Get 10 games for PC, by donating $5 or so to charity. CRAZY DEAL.


Dead Space
Crysis 2
Dead Space 3
Mirrors Edge
Battlefield 3
Medal of Honour
Sims 3
Sims 3 High End
Sims 3 Late Night
C&C Red Alert 3 - Uprising
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That's an great deal if you're into gaming on the PC. Thanks for sharing.
Two more games added to the bundle for the same price:

C&C Red Alert 3 - Uprising

Even if your not a pc gamer, its 10 games and 2 expansions for $5.

Only 5 days left.
That is awesome. Most PC games that I play are the Live enabled ones.

Except for World of Warcraft and Diablo 3. I havent played WoW in about a year and D3 not for a few months.
Yer been a few months since I played WoW, only really go on ever few months or so to catch up then back to Xbox. Never bought Diablo 3 although it has always interested me.
You will need to get it when it releases next month for the 360 then.
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yes Im serious. It releases in the States on 9/3 Im not sure about elsewhere.

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