Who Did It Better?


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Who Did It Better?

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× 16 (44.44%) Kansas

× 1 (2.78%) Vivien Armour

× 5 (13.89%) I like them both

× 1 (2.78%) I hate them both

× 13 (36.11%) Why the hell are you wasting our time with this?

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  • 36 votes
Hi there;

I just thought I'd try something. Here are two versions of the same song: Who did it better?

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Not a bad rendition,but you can almost never beat the original.
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Agreed, nothing beats the original. This brings me back to the days of playing this song over and over in Guitar Hero. Smile
I love the original; but I've also got a love affair with good covers. I really enjoy it when somebody takes an existing song and makes it their own rather than just parroting the original. I'd like to post one of these a week, mostly to share various takes on songs, but also to see how the community feels about the various versions (Unless the community thinks I'm just wasting their time and the site's data with these). Of course, I'll be better at picking the YouTube videos than I was when I chose the second version of this song; I really should have just used the iTunes version. Big Grin
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Looking forward to seeing more posts like this in the future. I think it's a neat idea so you have my blessing. Big Grin

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