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WSOP Full House Pro - play WSOP FHP during the beta before actual release date.
Good idea. I will look into adding it soon. It may require at least one achievement to be unlocked to prove that you played the game before the actual release date. That would enable future gamers (those that haven't signed up to GTN yet) a chance to unlock it.
This is a pretty nifty badge. If you've played WSOP: Full House Poker anytime up until the release date (which is still TBA), then this badge is now yours.

Do you know if they're still accepting beta applications? I need to get in on this.
Does anyone know if the beta will come to the UK?
They have not announced yet. It was open only to Canada for several weeks before being open to the States.
I've already signed up for the World of Tanks beta ready for when it crosses the big pond but I can't sign up for this yet. I must keep an eye out for it as I do enjoy a good poker game.
I never did get to sign up for World of Tanks. Can you still get in?
I think you can. Try going on their official site to sign up
Thanks I submitted. So we we shall see.
Glad the link worked for you and Good luck

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