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If you are collecting data: gamerscore, achievements, completions, etc - Do you have any plan on providing that data in XML/APIs for users to create additional tools?
Great question futiles. I will need to let Eric answer this though as currently he does all the coding for the site at the moment.
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Sorry, but I doubt we'll be able to provide a reliable API for the data we collect. We are limited in the number of requests we can retrieve from Xbox Live since we are not a member of the Xbox Community Developer Program. That doesn't mean we haven't tried, though. Microsoft simply hasn't responded to us after several years of trying. It seems to be out of control now.

I do plan on expanding the RSS feeds to include recently played games and activity feeds. You could (theoretically) use these RSS feeds to create your own API.
Are you storing your data locally? I'm not sure how your limited access to MS Data would affect your ability to take the data you've stored, and turn it into an API.

You have achievements I've earned, completions I've finished, games I've played, etc, which you base badges off of. Why couldn't you take that information, that I assume you are storing in an SQL-esque database and create an XML/API?
You make a good point. I'd like to do something similar to 360voice and their API. Is that what you're referring to?

I haven't setup an API before, but now might be a good time to learn. Let me look into setting up something like this later this year. Thanks for the suggestion!
Yes, much like 360voice.

APIs on your own data. No need to API xbox info, there are others that do, some official/some not.

But, badge history on GTN, challenge/competition data, etc.
Any thoughts on this since then? I'd like to play around with some ideas I have on achievement rarity.
Well, with the status of 360voice mostly official (ly bad). Any chance there might be some update to this?
Any thoughts on this since then? I'd like to play around with some ideas I have on achievement rarity.
Originally Posted by futiles
How about a ratio or something like that?
Yeah, quite a few sites out there will break and cease to be once 3v no longer functions properly (wifes sig generator below for example), we need some place established to step up and offer open API's Smile

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