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A slight change to the created leaderboard, an option to use challenges from x1 as a criteria for weekly, monthly yearly etc...
Are you saying you want to be able to have a winner based on winning a single Challenge or are you wanting to just track as many challenges as you can? If it's a single challenge I really don't think that can be an option without some pretty intense coding.. so I wouldn't expect that to come about anytime soon or even if at all. Even though this idea is actually a pretty dang good one.
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Dang, that's too bad. What I was looking for was either a monthly, weekly or yearly way to track who attained the most challenges on the x1 within the time period. I would have liked to see who Killin challenges who's movin up quick, damn that sucks that it'll be complicated. Thanks for the reply.
Let me look into this. I don't think it would be that difficult to add in. Thanks for the suggestion!
That would be great if you can thanks Eric, btw great site.
That would be great if you can thanks Eric, btw great site.
Originally Posted by Homeless Messia
Thanks for the kind words. The community support is what makes this site so special. I can't take all the credit. Smile

Look for this to be added on Monday. Assuming I'm not hungover after tomorrow's football games...
Status changed from 'Planned' to 'Completed' - You now have the option to rank leaderboards by Total Challenges. This can be set to All-Time, Yearly or Monthly.

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