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Would it be possible to have an option to set our currency to "EUR" rather than "£"?
Most European countries pay with euros and only one with £.

It would also be nice to replace the UK flag with the European flag. Smile
Sure thing. Let me look into the Euro conversion rates and get back to you once this is added as an option. Thanks for the suggestion!
Yup, you can now view game prices in Euros via the Edit Profile > Options page. Let me know if any of the Euro prices are wrong. Microsoft doesn't always abide by the proper conversion rate, so I may need to adjust the Euro pricing accordingly.
Status changed from 'Planned' to 'Completed'
Most of them are not exact. WP/Win 8 games usually are 0.99 EUR, 1.99 EUR, 2.99 EUR, 4.99 EUR or higher.
One example: Ms. Splosion Man is marked as 3.56 EUR while is only costs 2.99 EUR.

I do not know if you track the prices or if they are added manually, but if you track them, it is better to pull them from the Irish marketplace rather than to convert them from the UK marketplace.

If you add them manually: Usually if you got the dollar price, change the dollar to euro. Wink
Ms Splosian Man cost $2.99 or €2.99

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