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Can we have the same filter options on games that we have not started (Online, Secret, etc...). I was trying to see what achievements are online only for T.C.'s H.A.W.K.S. 2 and I was only getting the " Locked for MarvzMitts (32) " option.
Status changed from 'Planned' to 'Completed' - This appears to be isolated to that particular game. None of the HAWX 2 achievements were flagged as online-only when you posted this. I recently went through and flagged them in the system so you should be able to filter them by unlocked status and online-only now.

Basically our system will hide the Type filter when there are no online-only, DLC, glitched/unobtainable, or secret achievements for that game. That's why you were unable to see them here.

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