Pokémon Sun and Moon Demo Now Available

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Which Version will YOU be getting (Moon or Sun)?!

(You may not vote on this poll)

× 13 (65.00%) Pokemon Z!.Wait...

× 0 (0%) Pokemon Sun!

× 7 (35.00%) Pokemon Moon!

  • Added 10-18-2016 01:21 PM
  • 20 votes
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Great job Nintendo

Can't wait... for full game
I'm a gamer. Xbox & Windows Gaming Platform.
I am getting Pokémon Moon. Since I was a child I have had an obsession with the Moon so it seems fitting to get Pokémon Moon Smile

Everybody feel free to add me I am aiming to add 300 friends for a badge
Poke a what?
Originally Posted by porschephiliac
Why Pokemon GO when you can Poke a Mango?

I'm a gamer. Xbox & Windows Gaming Platform.

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