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No words can describe how wrong that is
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I'm shocked, words cannot describe how wrong that is.
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
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I am not alone.
Women Drivers, no survivors.
Why have I not seen this up till now?

Why am I regretting seeing this now?

What's going to happen to my faith in the universe now?

Find out after this.

*head explodes*

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Thanks Eric for making my penis soft for a week.
Women Drivers, no survivors.
I've dealt with so much worse than this, but the fourth photo there made me cringe.
It's amazing that that was/is a symbol of beauty. I can't believe women were meant to mutilate themselves like that. It disgusts me...you could hide small treasures in there...she could stick a pen in there and sign her name!

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