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Hey Everyone.. I subscribed to "Premium" today because I really want to try and support Eric financially to keep site up and running. Everyone here is great and I want to contribute and help keep community alive. I currently play on XBOX ONE only I do not own a 360. So anybody that's looking to game please send me a friend request. I work A full-Time day job so I'm free after 6pm Weekdays central, and after 2pm on weekends central. Send a request here at GTN and on XBL.

I purchased Metro:Redux and tonight 8/28/2014 At 8pm Central, I'm going to attempt to stream game play to my Twitch channel. I have never tried to stream from Xbox One before so it might be epically funny or failure lol. I haven't played it yet so it will be from beginning starting with 2033. Stop by and hangout if you wanna see how the game looks or to say hi. ( If I can't get it to work I apologize in advance, but I'm gonna try).

Forgot The Link lol.. Sorry guys. Here it is http://twitch.tv/GrimSaint84
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Well hello right back to you! Welcome to the nation I'm glad you decided to stop in and join and I certainly hope you find us to be accommodating and friendly! We have a pretty great community here and if you give us the chance, I'm sure you'll find us pretty fun to hang with, you just have to take a lot of us with a grain of salt and some thick skin...lol.. I won't ding anyone who's trying something new and has our communities best interest at heart, so I may stop in, I'm actually very interested in this game and maybe you could field a few questions? I have also never used Twitch before but heck there's always a first time. I hope to here a lot more from you around here and if you have any questions, just ask.
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welcome to GTN!
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Welcome to the site! I tried the first metro game, it didn't hook me in and I abandoned it. Good luck with your stream!
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Thanks guys, Game is really good, I beat on PC so I knew what I was getting into lol. If anyone has questions or needs help please feel free to ask, I will do the best I can to answer and help.

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