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Keep fitness group going?

(You may not vote on this poll)

× 8 (25.81%) Yes! I'm outta shape 😕

× 4 (12.90%) Nope, I'm sexy and I know it 😆

× 19 (61.29%) I am only here because it said "poll"...

  • Added 12-30-2015 11:52 PM
  • 31 votes
Well, I don't get B8TINGU's joke either. :/

Not sure how hiccups in the contest in 2015 = BTW.

But, since you said it was a typo/auto-correct, and should have been GTN, I'm good now. Thanks.
Originally Posted by futiles
I was trying to be nice about it since he has put forth so much effort. BTW...(pun intended) Your title is fixed..
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