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I noticed that I do not have Summer of Arcade 2011 unlocked on my profile. I was wondering if this is due to me not being a member of the site during the promotion, and if that is the case, should the badge be retired? Or is it simply a little hung up, and not unlocked for me? I've assuredly played all of the games, including Crimson Alliance for having bought the others.
If you wait a couple of days because the system may not have synced up all of your played games correctly and see if that is the problem. If not it will have to be looked into in more detail to find out why it's not unlocking for you
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The Summer of Arcade 2011 and Summer of Arcade 2012 badges were basically retired, but I've updated the code to reward these to anyone that plays the games associated with both bundles. I will also look into adding a Summer of Arcade 2013 badge for this year.

It should unlock the next time your game history is synced up to the system.

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