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A little issue with my Achievement page. I filter the page to see all of my achievements in Ascending/Rarity which works fine as I scan through the pages, but when I go and add an achievement into my trophy case then lets say I am on page 5 it resets back to page 1 with the filter options still in place.
Hmmm.. It should send you back to the page you were on anytime you add an achievement to your trophy case. Thanks for letting me know. I will look into this now.
This should be fixed now. Thanks again for letting me know.
This should be fixed now. Thanks again for letting me know.
Originally Posted by GTN Eric
Sure thing, I will test this out again and if there are any issues I will report back
Hey Eric, I'm still having my page reset back to the first page when I added an achievement to my trophy case. I was on page 3 and it reverted back to page 1 keeping my parameters.
FYI, I am still having reset issues. This time I used the new rarity breakdown and chose the very rare category. Went through three pages found an achievement to add. The page resets showing me all my achievements.
I have tested this myself now and have found that I have the same problem. The problem is probably on Erics to do list and will be resolved when he gets the chance to do it.
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I just wanted to make sure he was aware of it.
Thanks for testing this MarvzMitts. I could've swore that I checked this earlier, but you're right - it still resets. I should have this fixed by the end of the day. Thanks again for letting me know.
Alrighty, this should be good now. Let me know if you continue to face issues when adding or removing an achievement to or from your trophy case. It should redirect you back to the page you were on without losing any of your filters or sorting options.
Thanks Eric, I will test it out and report back if there are any issues

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