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Game Launched so I presume this is no longer available and needs to be locked out.
You're right. I have it currently setup to check for an achievement unlocked prior to the release date. This gives future members a chance to still receive it when their achievements are synced up to the site. It's retro'd for everyone.
Oh right, that makes sense. I do love that you can come get badges still based on your years of playing instead of it only counting going forward. Speaking of which....

The badges for scoring 1k, 5k, and 10k in a week. I have scored over 7k in a week and i don't have any of those. Hell I've scored over 1k probably 40 times in a single day.
Ah, thanks for letting me know. Those Best Week Ever badges probably need to be updated. I'll look into this now.
I wish I could say I as being altruistic, but I selfishly just want the badges Wink
hmm, if those are retro also I think i might get all three, two for sure.
hmm, if those are retro also I think i might get all three, two for sure.
Originally Posted by MarvzMitts
I also would get two for sure. The Herbie ftw
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I think I should have the one for 5k from a year ago from a competition I was in but no worries as I'm building up a collection of easy completions to get the 10k badge anyway. Just a few more to go and then it's just finding the time to play them all.
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Crap! I thought you only had to play it, not unlock an achievement. Damn.
I got the single day achievement today, but the weekly one I still do not. Do the weeks run Sun-Sat or Mon-Sun? Either way, I think last week in July this year I should have hit over 5k no matter how you slice the week.

If not, I'll just have to plan a 10k week hehe.
Good question. I have the weeks setup to run from Sunday to Saturday. The script runs around 2 AM CST Sunday morning.

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