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I think a few of my friends just adding might have this issue too. I just went straight to the 100+ badgeaholic level, but it didn't register the 25 and 50 levels.
I have I, II, III, and IV so far just fine.

Looking at yours, yeah, it only gave you I and iV
Adding nothing constructive to a thread near you

What exactly is the point of this thread?
Originally Posted by B8TINGU
I looked into this as far as I could, but I am unable to synch your badges, it's a little deeper than me. I'll let Eric know to look into this. For now I'll be awarding these badges to you manually. If anyone else has this issue please tell them to either contact me directly or post a new thread. Thanks!
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Cool, thanks, guess it was just me if Hotdog got his.

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