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So I was looking a Kaens badges to see if he had the 2nd mystery badge, but when I click on Name, it seems to sort by unlock date, I think, all the badges on the first page were the same as his join dated.

I can also verify it does the same thing with my own badges, when you click Name it does sort by unlock date.

PS whilst I was starting to post this issue I found another one, I will start a separate thread for that though
You're right. Thanks for letting me know. I'll fix this shortly.
Just an FYI, I am not actually looking for issues,they just seem to find me.
This should be fixed now. You can now sort unlocked badges by Name, Score, Member Total and Unlock Date. These options are available on your Badges page. For example:
Just an FYI, I am not actually looking for issues,they just seem to find me.
Originally Posted by Canadian8tor
That's what happens to me! It's not because issues are finding us, it's because we are using the site and are engaged!

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