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Hey Eric any chance on you coding one or installing one from
I have been trying to "homebrew" my own version of but I think I'll give in and install one from I know it's been an issue (especially in the "Post picture of your setup" thread) and I'm glad you have brought it up. I'll get this taken care of later this evening when I get back home. Being at work has its limitations sometimes. Smile
Thank you for the help, that one looks like it'd work. Smile
With your help, I've installed the helpful script you've linked above. Again, thank you for the help. Makes browsing this thread much easier. Smile
No problem glad i can help. You may have thought i had forgotten about This site but i haven't. Ive been getting you out there and been seeing if i could get a partnership with Xbox 360 Gaming News, Reviews, and Columns - XboxFocus. But no news yet. I will just have to try harder.
Ah, I love those guys. I only recently discovered them and I couldn't help but model the staff bios for GTN after seeing their staff page. I also appreciate you having in your gamertag's biography on Xbox Live. Being a fairly new website, I appreciate getting us out there. Let me know what Xbox Focus thinks of us over here. :afro:
Yeah i saw that and its OK man i try everything i can just like on this site. Look at my awards. Autonamus's profile on Se7enSins Forums
I will try and help with costs here soon... So look out for a PM titled "W00t have a nice day"

I will be back Monday have a nice time and i will try and help out when i get back.
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Wow, that's a very nice thing to do. We're always accepting donations but it's definitely something we won't pressure. You should spend your money on some of the games coming out during this impressive fall season. Smile
Na i have enough for them to. and Eric where did you make them images for the staff profile is there a site or something or did you just PS them?
I found the website via BuzzFeed but the direct link is right here. It's a very fun tool and helpful for making your own avatar on forums or websites.
Thanks Eric It looks cool. Thanks again.

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