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"you're using a website that doesn't support the latest sign-in standards from Google. We no longer provide this legacy sign-in service for Google accounts, and recommend using an alternative method to sign in on that website. If you previously used your Google account to sign in, you may be able to recover your account using a “forgot password” feature, or by contacting that websites’ support team.

Some websites use OpenID 2.0 for authentication when you're signing in, and to access data that you've given them permission to access. OpenID 2.0 was replaced by OpenID Connect, and since April 20, 2015, no longer works for Google Accounts. OpenID 2.0 support was shut down in order to focus on the newer open standard OpenID Connect, which provides greater security for your account.

If you're a developer of an application that uses OpenID 2.0, you should migrate to OpenID Connect."

This is what I'm greeted with when trying to link my account to google.
Sounds like that badge needs to be retired too.
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This sounds like a job for Eric, it just means he needs to update some code to use the new login method I believe.

Thanks for reporting this.
Have you joined the soon to be #1 leaderboard on the site? If you ever enjoyed 360voice(or even if you haven't been there), please join:
This might be away to bring back that badge for linking Open ID back?
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I doubt we'll be bringing back the OpenID badge any time soon. It didn't quite work for our current setup.

I am going to look into this issue tonight. Will report back what I'm able to find. Many thanks for reporting this to us!
My pleasure, sometimes it feels like I'm whining when posting about issues but please don't take it like that.
Google announced they will be consolidating all federated login support onto the Google+ provider and deprecating support for all other federated login protocols on April 20, 2015. This means that any user with an active Google connection on their account will have to connect their Google+ account from the Manage Connections page to re-establish their ability to login to Gamertag Nation using their Google account.

I will be reaching out to those that have used their Google account to login to the site in the last 90 days. My goal is to make this transition as easy as possible for those most impacted by this change.

The "Let Me Google That For You" badge has also been updated to reflect this change.

Look for the Manage Connections page to be updated shortly.
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Upon further review, I went ahead and migrated everyone with a Google login over to the new Google+ connection. Those with a previous Google login may be asked to approve their Google+ connection the next time they login using their Google credentials.

Updating this to Fixed now.

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