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I played WWE 2K15 yesterday and was very sad to see that the Lay the Smackdown badge didn't unlock. Could someone please check on that whenever you get a free moment- no hurry.

Thanks staff - you're so awesome!
i'll give ya a smackdown!
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i'll give ya a smackdown!
Originally Posted by Preludecris
I was in your town yesterday - you could have! I totally should have texted you. Dang.

The games that unlock the badge include both 360 and XBone versions of 2K15 - so it should have popped, LKM. I was still thinking about getting the legends one for the easy 1k. I dunno. The staff will take a look when they have time.
Homeless had the same problem, and after looking at the list of some other 2k15 players, not all of them have earned the badge either. Some of these people had very little time on the game, much like you and Homeless. Also, I noticed some had earned the badge on a date where a WWE game hadn't even been played, meaning that although they earned the badge, it wasn't immediate as you'd expect.

I'll still award the badge for you, but I was wondering if you wouldn't mind helping me see if your badge will eventually unlock first. You could simply wait a while, or perhaps spend some more time on the game. Just interested to see if anything makes it trigger. If you don't want to bother, that's fine too, I can just award it now.
Nah. I'll wait and help you out here. Let's tsee what happens. Give it a week or two then if it still doesn't pop, then I'll worry.
Have you played at all since the first time?
Nah, you didn't have to, but it wouldn't hurt at this point.
I played WWE2k15 back when it came out never unlocked the badge (forgot I played it) so last week or so I put in wwe smackdown 07 and still didn't unlock I did get 1 achievement for that game. Could it be some error with it being smackdown and then the title change to 2k later or is it just some random thing that some don't unlock for certain people, like the mob badge when 5 of us got it (yes I was one)
Hmm. That's a good question HM. Now we have 2 examples of WWE players not getting the badge, despite achieving the circumstances required. Maybe this is evidence of a larger issue.
As i mentioned earlier, it is a badge issue. There are several that are inconsistent as far as when they unlock, so it will take some time to do more than just treat the symptoms.
Keep me posted, I'll unlock yours if nothing happens after you've tried a bit more of the game.
The one thing that I can say about this site is a fairly prompt response when there is a problem. I had a tracking error before and was handled quickly upon the next re-scan it was fixed.
I don't mind if a badge that I believe I've earned should unlock didn't I'll wait then post, and as I said prompt and courteous from the GTN Staff, and it will get looked into and then awarded.
A big Thank You for the staffers that do this work.
Update: I have yet to even replay the game since the first time. I borrowed it and haven't been able to borrow it again.
As we've brought up in another thread, this may be caused by One games requiring an achievement to unlock badges from a series, but this would be a good way to find out if there's any truth to it. Let me know if anything changes.
As we've brought up in another thread, this may be caused by One games requiring an achievement to unlock badges from a series, but this would be a good way to find out if there's any truth to it. Let me know if anything changes.
Originally Posted by Obsidian Tides
That is correct. Xbox One (and Windows 10 now) require an achievement to be unlocked before we can add it to your profile. This isn't by choice either, as I'd much rather base it off the last played date like the other platforms. That's just how it's presented to us from Xbox Live. I plan on looking into whether or not we're capable of getting something different for Xbox One and Windows 10 games so it can be consistent across all platforms.

I'll also go through and award this badge to those that should have it.

Update: This badge has been awarded to those that were missing it. Thanks for reporting this porsche!
Last edited 08-09-2015 at 09:49 AM by GTN Eric.
Thanks Eric! I was going to wait for OT's suggestion, but it looks like you have an understanding of the issue.

Thank you and thanks again Big Grin

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