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This has been a persistent issue on my leaderboard since I started it. Each time a new member joins my leaderboard it pushed someone down to the next page. Once a member hits the next page they then show up as a " New " member to the leaderboard on the next page. This is of course wrong as they were already part of the leaderboard for weeks. If 10 people join my leaderboard it then compounds the amount of non new people showing up as new on each page as it goes further away from page 1. Can we PLEASE fix this, it has been annoying for a long time and I think I finally reached my tolerance level/limit.
Well, I understand your frustration on this issue and hopefully someone can help, but for right now, you're not loosing any members off your leader board. Eric is working on other issues and request, so this may be in que so please be patient as he continues address issues and request.
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Status changed to 'Logged' - Let me get on that. It's been on my list for a long time.
Status changed to 'Logged' - Let me get on that. It's been on my list for a long time.
Originally Posted by GTN Eric
Great, this will make it much easier to see who has join and is actually new to the leaderboard.
I saw last night this is now fixed and working well. I am no longer seeing new on users who have been on the leaderboard and get pushed to the next page. Awesome!
Status changed from 'Logged' to 'Fixed'

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