Gamerscore Tag is broken, I think

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Every now and then I go to the forum code page, to see if you have any tags I have forgotten about, or how to use one I thought I remembered, and it appears the gamerscore tag is broken.

You show usage as [gs]123456[/gs]. but, the example still comes up as G 123456

(I did the first one above using the no parse tag, second one without, so, when/if the issue is corrected, first one should still show the code, second should show the icon)

*EDIT* Actually, it looks like just the EXAMPLE on THIS PAGE (About 3/4 of the way down) is actually what is broken. So, no real rush, it's just an example page, but, the code itself works.

Status changed from 'Logged' to 'Resolved' - Thanks for reporting this. It's fixed on the BB Code page now.

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