Titanfall Video ended up in the Neverwinter page

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Looks to be on the Titanfall page when I follow your link. I don't see any odd videos on the Neverwinter page either. Is there any other info you can give me?
Status changed to 'Resolved' - Fullchaingang3 reported this to me earlier. It's been moved over to the correct game now.
Thanks, I didn't realize the earlier one was added again. I've removed it now.
No problem, sorry for the trouble.
Originally Posted by MarvzMitts
Your a mess sir...
Thought the video approver would have caught this. I accidentally had the wrong game up when I uploaded this Titanfall video. It can be deleted.

Originally Posted by MarvzMitts
Yeah i caught the issue with the video. I was trying to see if i could change the video to the correct game. When i viewed other videos that were already approved, it showed a button that said change game. SO i assumed that i could click that and change the title. Well it was not that easy. Eric put in a fix to where i will be able to change the game title if this happens again. Thanks for the heads up on it Marvz..

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