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Hi Eric.

Im having some trouble getting my gamertag verified. The video you have is perfect...No problems there. Its just taking a really long time, Like going on 3 days already. I read an older post where a member was having a similar issue, And you were able to manually verify his gamertag. Would it be to much to ask to have you do the same for me?? The thing is, I had my previous gamertag verified, And was really enjoying seeing my progress displayed here. Then I decided to change my gamertag, So then I had to go through the whole process again. Hope you can help.
Sorry to hear you're having issues. I see the verification code entered on your Xbox Live profile, but for some reason, our system hasn't picked it up yet. For now, I went ahead and set your gamertag to sync up on the next cycle.

I'll definitely look into this to prevent issues like this in the future. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Have fun!
Thanks dude. Me love you long time!
i have the same problem. still verifing since a few days
Sorry about the troubles. The verification script seems to be buggy at the moment. It should start back up in a couple of hours.
i have the same problem. still verifing since a few days
Originally Posted by haazetzet
Our server can't sync up with your Gamertag due to Xbox Live privacy settings. Try enabling the Bio field to be viewed by the public.
thank you. i made a very stupid mistake Big Grin

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