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Your a cheerfull one mate lol.
Originally Posted by Eaglet
Ok i do admit that the cars do have alot of oversteer lol
ok, Played a bit last night after installing the discs and it was a tad bit smoother, didn't really notice any difference in load times. I would say if you can install them to do so. Really you would only need to install the 1 you are playing on if space was an issue.
I have played it,I am playing it now. I am glad I did not purchase it,not worth 60 dollars just my opinion.

I got to say though,The ai system,I didn't think computers would get more and more less advanced as time went on. wow.
I know Rockstar commented that it was looking to move toward "guns-free gameplay" -- and that L.A. Noire was sort of the starting point of moving away from the third-person shoot-'em-up genre... But I think for the most part, L.A. Noire has proven that the equation Rockstar Games - Guns = Less Fun. Not quite boredom -- LA Noire is far from 'boring' -- but it is nowhere near as enjoyable as last year's Red Dead Redemption or 2008's Grand Theft Auto IV.

The game, in my opinion, gets a bit boring in the middle. At the start of the game, it manages to nail every classic film noir cliche. It starts off looking to be a fun, cheesy Rockstar spoof of great, classic cinema. And then it loses steam, it stops being fun, and you really start to lose interest in the sameness -- drive to crime scene, find clues, interview suspect, search building, interview suspect, chase and/or gunfight.

The end of the game -- POTENTIAL MINOR SPOILER -- really makes the whole thing worthwhile. The Vice and Arson desks, or more importantly the cutscenes in between, are extraordinarily well written. Undeniably classic Rockstar at its finest. It's not at all film noir, not even close, but it's a fantastic climax... but ultimately, the denouement is disappointingly short and extremely anti-climactic.

Still, it's a solid game. Definitely not what I was expecting when I pre-ordered it, and not quite as good as games made by Rockstar North / Rockstar San Diego, but still a solid game.

I'll be writing a full review in the next few days.

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