Any Madden gamers wanna rumble?

Madden NFL 09

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I think the thread title explains it all. Since the release of Madden 2009, I'd love to match up with anyone from Gamertag Nation. Problem is, not many gamers on here play Madden 09. So, if you're looking for some quick games, let me know.

Gamertag: GTN Eric (formerly heartcxre)
when i get it and get online i will be happy to battle. im claiming vikings.
I'm getting paid for my Exam results (I no longer owe my mom £140 for Rock Band) so if I have some money left over I'll look into getting it, never been a huge fan of american football games, but I know someone with a blockbuster card so they could rent it for me =D
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
News Editor & Reviewer
when i get it and get online i will be happy to battle. im claiming vikings.
Originally Posted by Ghost
Good choice my friend. I'll probably go with the Cowboys but for the Vikings matchup, I'll even you out with the Titans. For some reason, I do pretty well with them. Another good team is the New York Jets, with Brett Favre of course!

Oh and hey if there was ever a chance for a plug to our newest (okay, our first) contest, now is the time. Simply by playing and unlocking achievements in Madden 2009, you can win some free stuff! Check it out here
Dibs on cowboys and Saints
Women Drivers, no survivors.

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