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I have implemented several new options to mess around with here at Gamertag Nation. These settings will help keep personal details secure and accommodate to our international members. As a member, you now have the following new options:

Privacy Settings
  • Hide Profile from Guests - This option will hide your profile from guests, or anyone who is not a registered member at GTN.
  • Hide Profile from Non-Friends - This option will hide your profile from members who are not on your friends list. (Selecting this option automatically hides your profile from guests)
Date & Time Settings
  • Release Date Locale - You may select a country (USA, UK, Australia, or Japan) to sort your release dates by. Upcoming game listings and new game listings will take into consideration which option you select here. For example, you can select the UK and our system will show UK release dates and sort your upcoming and new releases by the UK release date only.
Look for some more updates coming soon. Enjoy these newest features as a member of Gamertag Nation.
An update was made to the private profile option this morning and the options should now be working properly. Gamertag privacy options will be coming very shortly as well so keep on the look out for these options in the my account section of Gamertag Nation.

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