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Unfortunately, the source of our gamertag data was shut down late last week and until Microsoft adds Gamertag Nation to their Xbox Community Developer Program (XCDP), your gamertag data — games played, gamerscore and achievement totals — will not sync to your Gamertag Nation account.

I greatly apologize for this inconvenience.
This is terrible news to hear on my birthday, Eric!

However, the automated 'Happy Birthday' e-mail I got made up for this entirely. That e-mail is awesome, dude ^.^
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
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It's definitely a big bummer, but I'm hoping to grab Microsoft's attention (for once) this time. Our entire system is based off of their feed already, so all we need is access. I'll keep trying each and every day. Smile

PS: Happy birthday, bud!
I've created a minor workaround which will sync up a few gamertag details every hour. Individual game data, however, cannot be synced until Microsoft provides us with access to do so.
This is a serious kick in the teeth for GTN. I hope your access is reinstated asap.
Microsoft needs to recognize and obey! LOL I will remain hopeful =]
Let the Chaos begin...

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I've got some good absolutely great news, everyone. The sync server will be returning later this week. More details on the way. Smile
Nice one Eric! I knew you could do it!

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
is this still not working then.because i cant join the leaderboard?
Actually, this should be back up by tomorrow, tomorrow night at the latest. I'd love to have you, and anyone else interested, to join up.

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