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  1. Upcoming Badge & Gamerpic Updates
  2. Welcome Fullchaingang3 to the team
  3. New Embedded Tweets BBcode
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  5. Badge issues clarified.
  6. Another one... Kinect-ed V
  7. Best Week Ever IV (15k badge)....
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  9. Notifications on Activity Feed items.
  10. New Badges have been detected....
  11. Comment postings and replies now fixed.
  12. Xbox One Tracking - Beta Testers Needed
  13. GTN Community Event 9/6/2013
  14. Our Newest Team Member
  15. Secret Achievements Update
  16. Live.com/Hotmail.com Email Issues
  17. Sync Server Update
  18. Removing your Verification Code
  19. Connect Your Other Accounts for Faster Logins
  20. Sync Server Down Indefinitely
  21. An End of the Year Announcement
  22. Sync Server Maintenance
  23. Weekly Poll Topic: Microsoft's E3 Press Conference
  24. Our Newest Staff Member
  25. Weekly Poll Topic: Halo Reach Edition
  26. GTN 2.0 is Here
  27. Weekly Poll Topic: Have you purchased DLC for the Xbox 360?
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  29. Reminder: Xbox Live Maintenance Today
  30. Last.fm Now Invading User Profiles
  31. Gamertag Sync Maintenance
  32. Becoming and Making Friends at GTN
  33. New Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace Links
  34. GTN Insider
  35. Private Messaging Updated
  36. New Christmas 2008 Ornament
  37. Feeling Lazy? Use our Shorter URLs!
  38. Which aspect of NXE are you most thankful for?
  39. Xbox Live Avatars Now Supported!
  40. Which game will you pwn with?
  41. Which game will you rock out loud?
  42. New Gamertag Checker Tool Released
  43. Is rewinding your mistakes good or bad?
  44. Have mobile/cell phone internet service? We need you!
  45. Share your Steam ID in your profile
  46. Has gaming become an official sport?
  47. Member Blogging Now Available
  48. Preseason & Win: Madden 2009 Contest
  49. Your most anticipated E3 2008 game release?
  50. Biggest Sony-Exclusive Upset?
  51. YouTube Integration for Profiles Now Available
  52. New Gamertags Now Require Verification
  53. Who runs the Xbox 360 music genre?
  54. Microsoft Points Converter Now Available
  55. New Privacy & Region Options
  56. Now Hiring Writers and News Editors
  57. New Ornaments Available & More!
  58. Sharing Your Xbox Live Gamercard
  59. Social Groups Now Available!
  60. Picture Albums Now Available!
  61. Staff Team expansion Begins. (Blank Planet)
  62. E-mail Issues Resolved
  63. [April] Game of the Month Nominations
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