The demo rocked, worth renting?

Sonic Unleashed

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So I finally had time out of my busy schedule to demo this game. A long-time Sonic fan, I felt like giving Sega one more chance with the Sonic franchise. The Xbox 360 Sonic game from 2006 was horrible, but I'm glad I played Sonic Unleashed. The demo felt and played like a Sonic the Hedgehog game from the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive years. The demo cut you off after the first level however, so I'm curious how deep this game is.

Are there other levels worth of trying? Is it worth renting after having played the demo? What do you guys think?
it switches between those levels and slower combat levels where you're transformed. as long as you think you wouldn't mind that, it wouldn't hurt to rent.
I loved the old Sonics. I wouldn't mind getting unleashed, but only if the ROMs for the oldies became unavailable. Love em to death. And there are the levels made by Japanese coders. Custom sonic levels are disturbingly difficult.

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The graphics in Sonic Unleashed can't truly compete with the old Sonic games though. I think I may rent this game sometime next week. I'll see how long it lasts. Smile
Give us the lowdown when you do, eh, Eric?

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So I picked this game up yesterday and I must say: This game surprised me. It plays like a RPG and the demo really doesn't represent how deep this game really is. I haven't read any of the reviews for the game so my first impressions on the game came from that demo. But hey, I think it's an exceptional game, especially after Sonic's previous flop on the Xbox 360.

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