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We have quite a diverse group of members here at GTN, but I know we have some NFL fans in the house. So, what is/are your favorite NFL team(s)?

My all-time favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys, of course. Growing up in the early to mid-90's here in Dallas has made me a permanent Dallas Cowboys fan for life. My second favorite team is the Cincinnatti Bengals. I've been a fan of them since the mid 90's as well. I like picking the underdog in the league and over the past couple years, it's really paid off. Big Grin
normally i'm a fan of Arizona teams, but for football i also include Cali's teams, the Chargers in particular. i'm normally against Texas teams too, despite living here.
Favorite team on NFL is Patriots.
Originally Posted by ernestperol
Patriots are my least favorite team, but I won't hold that against you. Wink So, how did that Seattle game taste?
Funny thing is I don't watch that game nor a fan of the game but a big fan of Patriots.
I'm just messing with ya. It's all good. I'm hoping for a big year for my team, the Cincinnati Bengals. Grew up loving them. But being in Dallas, all I get to hear about is the Cowboys. Boooo Smile
LOL... True is any team in any sports are good,it's depends on the players who's not doing their job. There's no better team or dump team,they're all equal on skills.
hey i hate the cowboys to eric all good XD i am a die hard chesse head, Greenbay Packers all the way!
Oakland Raiders. But I don't hold that against myself. :crazy:
Has to be the 49ers!
I'm a big fan of the Chargers but all my family are either Cowgirls or Steelers fans
ive always been a big fan of the dallas cowboys only do to there really hot cheerleaders lol
Steelers! Hate the Cowboys and any team from Ohio!
I don't really follow NFL but I have seen the odd game because a mate of mine supports the Dolphins
Steelers! Hate the Cowboys and any team from Ohio!
Originally Posted by Sith Rick
Who do you think will win the AFC North this year? Seems like a toss up between Steelers, Ravens and Bengals.
I dont know but I dont expect the Steelers to be very good this year, they lost a lot of players. If I was to bet on it id put my money on the Ravens
It's all about the Panthers
Originally Posted by Assassin
Panthers defense looked pretty solid last night. Offense was a little shaky though.
How about those Lions!
You lack a vital quality found in all Sith. Sith have no fear, and I sense much fear in you."
I like the addition of Reggie Bush in the backfield. They desperately needed a RB, and it looks like he still has it.

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