The Barclays Premier League 2015/2016


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I know the season is almost over but a quick topic to discuss football/soccer in the UK!

Leicester are sitting firmly in #1 and I think they will win this year putting those big money teams to shame!
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What Leicester is doing is largely unprecedented throughout the European leagues, but it would be even more shocking if they remain mostly intact over the summer and then make a deep run in the Champion's League next year.

Either way, Chelsea better turn it around next year. Without CL to distract them, they should have no excuses.
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I consider myself a casual fan of the Premier League since I don't really have a team that I align with. It's hard to follow most of the games since they start at like 6am or 8am on the weekend. So depending on what I'm doing the night before I usually am up to watch the games that start around 11am.

With that said, it's been awesome following Leicester City this year. They can clinch the title with a win against Man U tomorrow. Can't wait to see that. Echoing what OT said, it's truly remarkable what LC is doing this year considering the amount of money and talent in the EPL.
That was an absolutely crazy game today. Chelsea come back from 0-2 against Tottenham to tie - clinching the title for Leicester City. Congrats to Leicester City on the storybook season, I'm so glad I was able to witness it.
Congratulations to Leicester. History was made! They get Champions League football next season they must be rolling in. Bookmakers are said to lose a ton of money over this as Leicester had odds of 5000/1 before the season started.
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Bookmakers are said to lose a ton of money over this as Leicester had odds of 5000/1 before the season started.
Originally Posted by dieselv2

I read the largest placed bet at those odds is supposed to be 100 pounds, by actor Tom Hanks.

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