2010 NBA Finals Predictions


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Even though the NBA Finals haven't officially started, who do you think will advance? And who do you think will win it all?

Personally, I'm rooting for the West this year. I can't stand to cheer on Boston, so either Phoenix or Los Angeles will be fine by me. I'd really like to see Steve Nash bring home a title, because he's long overdue for a ring.
as a long time Suns fan, i'm ecstatic that they swept the Spurs this year, and i obviously want them to win it all.
Grant Hill needs a ring too.
Ah, I forgot you were a Suns fan.

Wow, I also forgot about Grant Hill. He definitely deserves to win his first title. In fact, I was hardcore gaming on the Sega Genesis when he first entered the league. lol That's rough.

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