Circuit City closes in the US

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Holy smokes, has anyone heard about this? Who here was a fan of the good ol' Circuit City?

I was, actually. I preferred them over Best Buy when it came to browsing tech products in-store. Circuit City seemed to have had much better deals too. It's hard to believe how many jobs will be lost in the process. The official website says roughly 34,000 people will be laid off because of this. Man, if only these guys allowed for Blockbuster to buy them out last year.

So what do you guys and gals think?
i actually went to Best Buy, if i go to any. i don't even remember seeing many Circuit City's in general, really.
We have a bunch of Circuit City's here in Dallas. I actually had a friend who worked part-time at one of them in Plano (suburb of Dallas) so I feel bad for him since all that job experience goes to waste.

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