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Too Human

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While playing this newly released demo, I can't help but see the gameplay of Devil May Cry 4 and Mass Effect hiding in the details of the game. Does anyone else see the resemblance when you were playing the demo? I can't help but the think the swordplay mimics that of DMC 4 and the character design looking like a Mass Effect title.

Since we're on the subject of demo impressions, what are yours? Did you like the demo? Were you equally as confused as I was when playing it?
I noticed the DMC4 style in early trailers and stayed away ever since. if it didnt look so hack n slash i'd look further but those games dont really appeal to me anymore.

I'd be interested to see the reviews as its one of those games that got lost in time and has now come back.
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it's a dungeon crawler, and i got what i expected. controls take some real getting used to, but i can see it being comfortable after playing for a while.
I can't access the demo right now as it's Gold Members only...

I've been looking forward to "Too Human" for a while, and it angers me that I can't play the demo.
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