I've sold my Xbox 360 and all my games : 0

Xbox 360

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yep, and i sold it for £70. It was only an Xbox 360 core so i wasn't going to get much outta it anyway. But, i dunno, i bet im gonna regret it.

i sold all my 360 games aswell and brought Sonic and the Black Knight with the trade-in value, and that was a DAMN waste of £35.

But yh, i got myself a new bag and i have a bit of money to go to a festival this summer now i guess but .... im gonna miss Xbox 360.
i really needed the money, plus my dad thought that i was spending way too much time on it so he kinda ordered me to sell it. I have AS exams coming up soon so i betting get to revising.
I must say I admire you for doing that. During GCSE i was quite focussed but by A-Level I kind of lost interest in school/studying. Keep it up though, theres always time to try and get the console back after exams!
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Exactly. You can do it. I'm actually thankful that my PS3 is back in the UK. The less distractions, the better.

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