Favorite Xbox One launch game

Xbox One

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Favorite Xbox One EXCLUSIVE launch game:

(You may not vote on this poll)

× 2 (6.25%) Crimson Dragon

× 17 (53.13%) Dead Rising 3

× 0 (0%) Fighter Within

× 6 (18.75%) Forza Motorsports 5

× 0 (0%) Killer Instinct

× 1 (3.13%) LocoCycle

× 0 (0%) Powerstar Golf

× 6 (18.75%) Ryse: Son of Rome

× 0 (0%) Zoo Tycoon

  • Added 12-08-2013 06:55 AM
  • 32 votes
I had to set this poll as EXCLUSIVE to Xbox One, as there are too many launch games to include the others. Another poll will be posted for Cross-Platform releases.
Ryse blew my mind, it was super impressive and not at all as bad as the reviews. Only problem with it was I was done in two or three nights. Dead Rising also surprised me but I didn't like the first one (never played the second) and I continue to want to play that one. As a result, I have to vote for DR3!

I've all of the games I've played so far, except Forza because I don't like racing games.
DR3, but I think this was also discussed in another thread.

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