Super Mega Baseball or R.B.I. 15 Baseball

Xbox One

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Which one do you like best?

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× 12 (37.50%) Super Mega Baseball: Extar Innings

× 6 (18.75%) R.B.I. 15 Baseball

× 14 (43.75%) Other (Leave comment)

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I have both and enjoy playing both, But I think I like Super Mega Baseball better. Which one do you all like best?
What's the other R.B.I. 14 because I think that the only 3 baseball games for the Xbox One.
I like Super Mega Baseball better, the ego system is a nice way to go up/down in level the better you get at the game.
I'm not too big into Baseball, didn't even know they had more than the MLB2K games.
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None, I hate sports
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I won't even touch RBI, but SMB will likely be a future purchase from what I have seen on Twitch.

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