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  • Eric Lavender / GTN Eric


    Hi, I'm Eric. I'm the captain of this interstellar group here at Gamertag Nation. My job is to make sure everyone here has a good time. I develop, program and design many of the features within the 'Nation. If something's broken, it's probably because of me.

    Languages Spoken/Read
    Favorite Color
    Favorite Gaming Platform(s)
    Xbox, Android, Sega Genesis
    Favorite Game Franchise(s)
    Final Fantasy, LEGO, Assassins Creed
    Favorite TV Show(s)
    The Office, Portlandia, The Good Place, Parks and Recreation
    Mini Aussie
    Programming, Playing Basketball
    Other Job
    User Experience Designer at a large software company
  • Obsidian Tides

    Editor-N-Chief & Administrator

    I'm Obsidian Tides, often referred to as OT or Chrono. Video games have been my passion for years, and they'll remain that way for as long as they're around. I play all varieties of games, and I play them well, so whether you need a good challenge or some helpful advice, I'm the man to talk to.

    As Editor-in-chief at GTN, my job is to edit the living daylights out of whatever I lay my eyes on. I also contribute anything that's needed, including things like polls, reviews, and guides. When it comes to forum issues, I can draw from my experience as moderator and administrator of numerous boards in the past to make sure any problem will be resolved.

    If there's any way I can help you out, just let me know.

  • SojerManLan

    Game Content Manager

    I have been using GTN since a year and loved it, so when Eric asked me if I could help with the lacks in game information, I happily agreed! If there's a problem and no one else is available, let me know and I'll try to resolve the issue ASAP.

    Languages Spoken/Read
    Polish (natively), English, (basic) German
    Favorite Color
    Favorite Gaming Platform(s)
    Xbox, Windows Phone, PC
    Favorite Game Franchise(s)
    FlatOut, Borderlands, Bayonetta
    Favorite Movie(s)
    TRON: Legacy, Interstella 5555
    Favorite TV Show(s)
    TRON: Uprising
    Favorite Book(s)
    Brian Daley's TRON
    Listening to music, reading books and gaming (duh).
  • Vitiated1

    Game Content Manager

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