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  • Current Roadmap

  • Ability to add games to your boost list so others know if you're available to play/boost. Looking to play with others to help unlock those pesky online achievements? You will soon be able to view other gamers that are also looking to boost games on your boost list.

  • Game Sessions/Events hub - create and manage scheduled gaming events for boosting, competitive play and featured community events

  • Opt-in for notifications when new DLC achievements are added to a game you have played (disabled by default)

  • Build 6.1.20 (Latest Release)

  • A bunch of UI updates and bug fixes for the GTN 7 site. Updated todo list and showcase controls for achievement listings. You can now click on DLC labels to view more information on the DLC pack associated with an achievement.

    Today 02:45 AM
  • Opened up the GTN 7.0 beta to all users - look for a cool new button at the bottom of any page. 😉

    Today 02:42 AM
  • Build 6.1.10

  • Fixed an issue with syncing achievements for games that are on the Games for Windows platform

    09-22-2023 04:25 AM
  • Removed the Games for Gold listing from the Explore page and retired the Gold Digger badge.

    08-31-2023 10:52 PM
  • A bunch of updates and bug fixes to the game history syncing process.

    08-29-2023 07:50 PM
  • Build 6.0.90

  • Added "You Beta Believe It" badge for participating in the GTN 7.0 Beta Program. Premium subscribers now have access to preview GTN 7.0 using the button located at the bottom of each page. Others will be given access to preview GTN 7.0 soon.

    05-16-2023 02:41 AM
  • Updated one of our Mystery Badges (hint hint) as the Who's Online page will be removed in GTN 7.0.

    05-13-2023 05:48 PM
  • Fixed an issue with the Signup form. Also fixed issues with logging into the site via Twitter (API access has been restored).

    05-13-2023 07:02 AM
  • GTN 7.0 is nearly here... 👀

    05-13-2023 05:34 AM
  • Build 6.0.80

  • Fixed an issue with logging into the site using a Twitter account.

    04-18-2023 09:55 PM
  • Fixed an issue with logging into the site using a Microsoft account.

    04-16-2023 01:32 PM
  • You can now add a link to your TikTok channel and have it displayed towards the top of your profile.

    04-15-2023 07:42 PM
  • The new releases list has been updated and is now based on your selected time zone. All game release dates are now based on that time zone too! This fixes several minor bugs by simply localizing these release dates based on your region.

    04-09-2023 01:25 AM
  • Build 6.0.70

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some Badgeaholic badges from being awarded correctly.

    02-19-2023 02:49 AM
  • Fixed an issue with the "Strictly Confidential" badge not automatically unlocking for those that met the requirements -…

    01-10-2023 06:27 PM
  • Updated backend for syncing gamertag information, game history and achievements.

    11-07-2022 07:49 PM
  • Fixed a number of syncing issues related to updates to the API

    10-16-2022 09:13 AM
  • - Fixed a bug causing some multi-platform games to be excluded from platform-specific leaderboards
    - Added Xbox Series X|S as a filter option for Site Leaderboards and Custom Leaderboards.

    08-22-2022 07:30 PM
  • - You can now sort achievements by the total number of members that have unlocked it. This is available for achievement listings on game profiles, member profiles, and in the Explore > Achievements area.
    - Updated the achievement labels filter to include a total for each label shown in the list.
    - Another round of minor design updates and bug fixes!

    08-19-2022 07:32 PM
  • Build 6.0.60

  • Added "Super Cereal" and "Say Cheese and Die" badges. These two member-suggested badges were submitted in the forums.

    08-18-2022 06:22 AM
  • Added the "You're Not Allowed" and "Ultimate Spider-Man" badges. Both of these badges were submitted via the badge submissions thread in the forums.

    08-17-2022 11:13 PM
  • Added the "Fun While It Lasted" and "Strictly Confidential" series of badges.

    08-16-2022 10:27 AM
  • You can now filter any of our built in site leaderboards by country. This suggestion was submitted via the Feature Requests forum.

    08-04-2022 04:50 PM
  • Added a tracker for the Enthusiast series of badges to the Dashboard.

    08-03-2022 10:15 PM
  • - Fixed an issue with the way Xbox Series X|S games are tallied on gamertag profiles.
    - Fixed a bug when updating multiple subscriptions on the Thread Subscriptions page.

    08-03-2022 02:26 PM
  • Our biggest redesign in 10 years is coming... Completely new UI with an emphasis on enhancing your overall experience while you're here.

    07-28-2022 03:22 AM
  • - Better support for tablet and small desktop screens
    - Minor updates to the header on game and user profiles for better support on smaller screens with custom backgrounds.
    - Updated pagination controls throughout the entire site
    - A variety pack of under the hood future-proofing code updates. Flux capacitor located.

    07-26-2022 08:43 PM
  • Build 6.0.50

  • - Added an alert at the top of game profiles for games with an unobtainable achievement
    - Updated pagination controls

    07-23-2022 03:21 AM
  • - Updated the embedded achievements view within activity feeds to include achievement description and larger image.
    - Fixed a bug when submitting posts to the activity feed.
    - Fixed a bug with the last post date format when searching for new posts in the forums.
    - Updated the "I Believe I Can Fly" badge to include games from the "Life of Fly" series.
    - Massive performance improvements are on the way for the entire site.

    07-22-2022 11:49 PM
  • Updated the "Top of the Pops" badge to include the Let's Sing series

    07-20-2022 04:44 PM
  • Minor update to the achievements page on gamertag profiles. You will now see daily achievement and gamerscore totals when grouping by date.

    07-19-2022 11:04 PM
  • Added "Summer Playlist 2022" badge and updated several badge icons.

    07-02-2022 01:14 AM
  • Fixed an issue with certain date strings incorrectly showing up as "Tomorrow" in certain time zones.

    06-29-2022 10:13 PM
  • Fixed a bug with the badge unlocked email notification.

    06-22-2022 12:47 PM
  • - Several under the hood updates to greatly optimize loading time of game images, achievement tiles, and gamerpics. This reduced the file size of images used around the site by up to 80%.
    - Fixed a bug causing a small minority of games to not sync up with the correct number of achievements after a gamerscore update.

    06-09-2022 06:44 PM
  • - Added a new DLC Availability filter to all achievement and DLC listings on member and game profiles, and on the main achievement and DLC pages found under the Explore menu
    - Added a small label next to the Microsoft Store link towards the top of game profiles for games that are available for free

    06-07-2022 03:29 AM
  • - Added "No-Hitter" badge
    - Updated the "Grand Slam" badge so games from the MLB The Show series are included
    - Updated the "Game, Set, Match" badge to include games from the Tennis World Tour and AO Tennis series
    - Updated and redesigned a bunch of badge icons to larger, crisper icon format

    06-06-2022 10:06 PM
  • - Delisted DLC packs will now be identified as such on achievement lists.
    - Updated member profiles that have a background so they match the latest game profile design.

    06-04-2022 07:19 AM
  • - You can now set a game background as your profile background using the dropdown located at the top of game profiles. This is in addition to our existing options for uploading your own custom background or setting your profile background based on your most recently game.
    - Fixed a bug which was preventing a custom background from being uploaded.

    06-04-2022 04:59 AM
  • - Added the "Off the Grid" series of badges and added tracking for how many achievements a gamertag has unlocked offline.
    - Added a new sort option to the Gamertags listing under the Community menu for sorting gamertags by the number of achievements they've unlocked offline.

    06-04-2022 02:28 AM
  • - Fixed an issue with the "Show secret achievement details" option when navigating between Unlocked and Locked achievements on game profiles.
    - Updated and redesigned a bunch of badge icons to larger, crisper icon format. *pssst* (new badges are on the way this weekend!)
    - Updated the Snowboarding genre to also include Skiing games. Renamed genre to "Snowboarding/Skiing"
    - Added the Cross-Play label to every game with cross-play features. This list will continue to expand as new games are released.
    - Increased the Badge Points (BP) values for several rare badges. More adjustments are planned for a handful of easy and common badges.

    06-02-2022 06:15 PM
  • Updated the "I Believe I Can Fly" badge to include the Murder Diaries series.

    05-26-2022 11:36 PM
  • - Added a new Gamerscore filter to the games page on member profiles. Includes an option for Divisible by 5 and Not Divisible by 5.
    - Updated Dashboard to include your running totals of achievements, gamerscore and games played over the last 30 days. Additional date ranges arw on the way too.
    - Updated badge listings so that locked badges are grayed out while logged in.
    - Updated the Rate Your Recent Games section of the dashboard to show full game titles.
    - Redesigned a handful of badges for improved badge icon scaling.

    05-13-2022 12:39 AM
  • Build 6.0.40

  • - Updated the requirements for unlocking the "I've Played 'Em All" badge. Replaced Windows Phone with Xbox Series X|S in the list of required platforms.
    - Fixed a bug with the dates that are shown for the Game of the Week.
    - Updated the New Releases area so your selected time zone is reflected in the results.
    - Updated the search box at the top of the site so it searches "Everything" by default while on certain pages. This used to default to the type of results related to the area of the site you were visiting. For example, while viewing a game profile this used to search just game records.
    - Additional improvements to the frequency of email notifications and activity feed posts when certain badges are unlocked.

    05-07-2022 06:18 AM
  • - Minor update which should help fix an issue with the frequency of email notifications and activity feed posts when certain badges are unlocked.
    - Fixed several broken links within the description of the "Summer of Arcade" badges.

    05-04-2022 03:22 PM
  • For a limited time, we've eliminated the hourly limit for manually syncing achievements for games that are available on the Windows Phone platform. You can manually sync these achievements anytime straight from the game profile itself.

    05-03-2022 02:18 AM
  • Several under the hood performance enhancements in preparation for some nifty updates on the way. Soon you will be able to post your own reactions for posts in the forums and activity feed.

    04-30-2022 07:42 AM