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  • Current Roadmap

  • Ability to add games to your boost list so others know if you're available to play/boost. Looking to play with others to help unlock those pesky online achievements? You will soon be able to view other gamers that are also looking to boost games on your boost list.

  • Game Sessions/Events hub - create and manage scheduled gaming events for boosting, competitive play and featured community events

  • Opt-in for notifications when new DLC achievements are added to a game you have played (disabled by default)

  • Build 6.2.80 (Latest Release)

  • Several performance improvements are now live to help stabilize server load. Additional updates to help boost our visibility in search engines by making pages easier to index.

    05-10-2024 12:42 AM
  • Added an option to exclude games available on multiple platforms when filtering by a specific platform in the Explore > Games area. Only available in GTN 7.

    02-21-2024 10:54 PM
  • Fixed some layout issues on the compare games page for GTN 7.

    02-17-2024 11:00 AM
  • Fixed a bug with the Grand Slam badge not being awarded correctly for some users.

    02-14-2024 06:49 PM
  • There is now a much better and smarter identification of errors during the syncing process for gamertags that need to update their Xbox Live privacy settings. This will now disable syncing for those with this error after a certain threshold is met. This helps us better optimize the syncing schedule by prioritizing those that are setup correctly.

    02-13-2024 08:07 PM
  • There's a new badge! Added the Leaps & Bounds badge as suggested from the forums -…

    02-10-2024 02:27 PM
  • Fixed a bug with the Top of the Pops badge not being awarded correctly for some users. Several various badge icons were updated too!

    02-10-2024 02:27 PM
  • You can now hover over badge icons on a member profile to view more information about that badge. Also fixed some layout issues within game card listings and on the collections tab under member profiles. These updates are available only on the GTN 7.0 test site.

    12-28-2023 01:53 PM
  • Member profile updates and bug fixes to stats pages for GTN 7.0

    12-22-2023 05:07 PM
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing some Facebook users from being able to setup a new login connection

    12-20-2023 03:57 PM
  • Updated our email templates for better readability with email clients in dark mode.

    12-18-2023 06:53 PM
  • Updated tracking of achievement streaks to help resolve an issue affecting some users with different time zones and daylight saving time configurations. These achievement streaks have been recalculated and rebuilt for better accuracy moving forward.

    12-15-2023 04:07 AM
  • There were a bunch of under the hood updates and improvements to help boost the performance and stability of the site. This eliminates those pesky server hiccups that was causing periodic unexpected downtime.

    12-14-2023 07:31 PM
  • Build 6.2.70

  • Squashed a good amount of bugs on the GTN 7.0 preview site. Rolled out a few under the hood updates for better performance. Freshened up the layout on game series pages and in the collections area with familiar search/filter/sort controls - now live on the GTN 7.0 preview site.

    10-24-2023 01:36 AM
  • Build 6.2.60

  • Inline search results will now show more of the game title - adapted to the size of your screen. Improvements to the search results page, slimmer achievement profiles, and many more enhancements are now live on GTN 7.

    10-21-2023 05:10 AM
  • Build 6.2.50

  • Another round of subtle yet oh-so-effective design fixes and UX improvements for GTN 7. You can now toggle between list/card view and filter results using updated controls when viewing games on a game series page.

    10-20-2023 03:59 AM
  • Achievement guides will now be listed on the Guides page while browsing a game. Up next: new features for easily embedding an achievement within an achievement guide.

    10-13-2023 11:57 PM
  • Achievement guides are getting a much needed makeover. Check it out on the GTN 7 Beta site. More enhancements are on the way to help make finding and creating achievement guides easier.

    10-05-2023 05:07 AM
  • (For GTN 7 beta site only) - You can now see which friends have unlocked the achievement you're viewing - straight from the achievement profile.

    10-04-2023 02:42 AM
  • Massive rewrite of the block list functionality along with some bug squashing for smarter activity feeds.

    Blocking someone (ie adding someone to your block list) now prevents the blocked user from viewing any of your activity feed posts and comments. Likewise, the blocked user's activity feed posts and comments will be hidden from view for you. All of these updates are now being applied to activity feeds on game profiles too.

    10-04-2023 02:37 AM
  • Build 6.1.20

  • A bunch of UI updates and bug fixes for the GTN 7 site. Updated todo list and showcase controls for achievement listings. You can now click on DLC labels to view more information on the DLC pack associated with an achievement.

    09-29-2023 07:45 AM
  • Opened up the GTN 7.0 beta to all users - look for a cool new button at the bottom of any page. 😉

    09-29-2023 07:42 AM
  • Build 6.1.10

  • Fixed an issue with syncing achievements for games that are on the Games for Windows platform

    09-22-2023 09:25 AM
  • Removed the Games for Gold listing from the Explore page and retired the Gold Digger badge.

    09-01-2023 03:52 AM
  • A bunch of updates and bug fixes to the game history syncing process.

    08-30-2023 12:50 AM
  • Build 6.0.90

  • Added "You Beta Believe It" badge for participating in the GTN 7.0 Beta Program. Premium subscribers now have access to preview GTN 7.0 using the button located at the bottom of each page. Others will be given access to preview GTN 7.0 soon.

    05-16-2023 07:41 AM
  • Updated one of our Mystery Badges (hint hint) as the Who's Online page will be removed in GTN 7.0.

    05-13-2023 10:48 PM
  • Fixed an issue with the Signup form. Also fixed issues with logging into the site via Twitter (API access has been restored).

    05-13-2023 12:02 PM
  • GTN 7.0 is nearly here... 👀

    05-13-2023 10:34 AM
  • Build 6.0.80

  • Fixed an issue with logging into the site using a Twitter account.

    04-19-2023 02:55 AM
  • Fixed an issue with logging into the site using a Microsoft account.

    04-16-2023 06:32 PM
  • You can now add a link to your TikTok channel and have it displayed towards the top of your profile.

    04-16-2023 12:42 AM
  • The new releases list has been updated and is now based on your selected time zone. All game release dates are now based on that time zone too! This fixes several minor bugs by simply localizing these release dates based on your region.

    04-09-2023 06:25 AM
  • Build 6.0.70

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some Badgeaholic badges from being awarded correctly.

    02-19-2023 07:49 AM
  • Fixed an issue with the "Strictly Confidential" badge not automatically unlocking for those that met the requirements -…

    01-10-2023 11:27 PM
  • Updated backend for syncing gamertag information, game history and achievements.

    11-08-2022 12:49 AM
  • Fixed a number of syncing issues related to updates to the API

    10-16-2022 02:13 PM
  • - Fixed a bug causing some multi-platform games to be excluded from platform-specific leaderboards
    - Added Xbox Series X|S as a filter option for Site Leaderboards and Custom Leaderboards.

    08-23-2022 12:30 AM
  • - You can now sort achievements by the total number of members that have unlocked it. This is available for achievement listings on game profiles, member profiles, and in the Explore > Achievements area.
    - Updated the achievement labels filter to include a total for each label shown in the list.
    - Another round of minor design updates and bug fixes!

    08-20-2022 12:32 AM
  • Build 6.0.60

  • Added "Super Cereal" and "Say Cheese and Die" badges. These two member-suggested badges were submitted in the forums.

    08-18-2022 11:22 AM
  • Added the "You're Not Allowed" and "Ultimate Spider-Man" badges. Both of these badges were submitted via the badge submissions thread in the forums.

    08-18-2022 04:13 AM
  • Added the "Fun While It Lasted" and "Strictly Confidential" series of badges.

    08-16-2022 03:27 PM
  • You can now filter any of our built in site leaderboards by country. This suggestion was submitted via the Feature Requests forum.

    08-04-2022 09:50 PM
  • Added a tracker for the Enthusiast series of badges to the Dashboard.

    08-04-2022 03:15 AM
  • - Fixed an issue with the way Xbox Series X|S games are tallied on gamertag profiles.
    - Fixed a bug when updating multiple subscriptions on the Thread Subscriptions page.

    08-03-2022 07:26 PM
  • Our biggest redesign in 10 years is coming... Completely new UI with an emphasis on enhancing your overall experience while you're here.

    07-28-2022 08:22 AM
  • - Better support for tablet and small desktop screens
    - Minor updates to the header on game and user profiles for better support on smaller screens with custom backgrounds.
    - Updated pagination controls throughout the entire site
    - A variety pack of under the hood future-proofing code updates. Flux capacitor located.

    07-27-2022 01:43 AM