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  • Build 6.0.30

  • - Added "We're Going Streaking VI" badge so those of you with a 100+ day achievement streak still have something to work towards!
    - Fixed a number of design issues with list view on the games page of member profiles.
    - Added in some helpful text to show exactly when a badge is awarded for holiday or date-based badges.
    - Small update to the achievement labels help page in the help center. Good examples for each of these achievement labels will soon be added there too.
    - Fixed a bug that was causing multiple achievement streak-related badge notifications to be sent out all at once via email and on the activity feed following the initial syncing process. This would happen when unlocking multiple related badges after building streak data.

    04-03-2022 12:31 AM
  • Added smarter messaging for active streaks at risk of being broken

    03-20-2022 09:52 PM
  • - Updated the way data is retrieved from the My Stats table in the sidebar of the dashboard and on member profiles. This table will now reflect the profile user's timezone.

    - Beginning to work on larger, scalable badge icons. 2 down, only 400+ more to go.

    - Fixed a bug when posting achievement streaks to the activity feed. Also updated the link for these posts so it will send you to the proper results.

    03-18-2022 05:48 AM
  • - Added "Mission Impossible", "Kiss My Asphalt" and "Prankster" badges. All of these badges were submitted by community members.

    - Updated achievements page on member profiles, filters panel is now collapsed by default with active filters indicator.

    - GTN Profile Updates: Gamertags may now ask for their profile background to be automatically updated based on their most recent game.

    - Some badges are now setup to display a message as soon as you unlock them.

    - Sprinkled some magic dust on the home page (only visible if you're logged out).

    - Tons of crafty framework improvements and rewrites after many hours of staring at code.

    03-16-2022 10:58 PM
  • Fixed a bug related to tracking achievement streaks. This was caused by timezone differences as it relates to Daylight Savings Time.

    03-16-2022 06:42 AM
  • Faster syncing of game progression! Our most efficient process for syncing changes in gamerscore yet.

    03-13-2022 08:33 PM
  • Removed the option to enable/disable syncing of newer platforms on the Gamertag Settings page. This option is no longer needed and has been replaced by the existing "Sync my entire gamertag profile" option on the Gamertag Settings page.

    03-13-2022 03:28 AM
  • Added two new game availability labels for use in filtering game and achievement listings. You can now view which games feature Cross-Play or Xbox on Steam capabilities. These new labels will be applied to game details moving forward.

    03-13-2022 03:13 AM
  • Updated the main forums page with some minor design tweaks. More to come on that long-overdue forums redesign soon. 😎

    03-13-2022 03:05 AM
  • Massive cleanup of older gamertag profiles - the largest purge in our site's history! A significant number of gamertag profiles were stuck in the initial syncing phase due to changes in their Xbox Live privacy settings many years ago. These profiles are now syncing up properly.

    03-12-2022 11:08 PM
  • Improvements to the timeliness and frequency of milestones posted to gamertag profiles. Milestones are now much more accurate in capturing your best gaming moments and highlights.

    03-12-2022 11:01 PM
  • Build 6.0.20

  • Added in some more helpful messaging on member profiles to help indicate when syncing has been disabled or turned off. Added in smarter error handling to the profile syncing process for gamertags that are no longer valid.

    03-12-2022 03:42 PM
  • Massive database update to help optimize server resources using a different storage engine. All of our lovely database tables were affected by this change.

    03-12-2022 07:05 AM
  • Requesting a sync of your profile through the account dropdown in the header or on your member profile now syncs and updates your profile in real-time. This used to just add your profile to the front of the queue. Also added this as a new button at the top of member profiles.

    03-12-2022 07:01 AM
  • Updated all time zone labels from GMT to UTC. You know, since it's not 1970 anymore.

    03-11-2022 01:12 AM
  • Overhauled our email delivery system in accordance to modern security and anti-spoofing standards.

    03-11-2022 01:02 AM
  • Enhanced several pages within member profiles and game profiles to make it easier to share on other social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Discord.

    03-11-2022 12:52 AM
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements all around the site. Slimmed down a bunch of the code to help optimize future development.

    03-11-2022 12:43 AM
  • Another round of UI improvements. Profile backgrounds now show up on all pages of the profile, fixed an issue with logging in or signing up via connected sites like Twitter and Discord. Activity feeds now display total Gamerscore gained when unlocking multiple achievements. Corrected several inconsistencies that were left over from last month's design changes.

    03-08-2022 11:29 PM
  • Build 6.0.10

  • Minor design improvements and bug fixes to the players page on game profiles.

    03-08-2022 10:54 AM
  • Removed the requirement for users to have played a game before being able to post an achievement guide for the game.

    03-07-2022 06:43 PM
  • Updates to the dashboard to help bring you more of that pertinent information and links you are looking for. Minor update to friends activity listings.

    03-06-2022 01:06 AM
  • Build 6.0.00

  • Updated the way game ratings are shown on game profiles. Our star-based rating scale is now two-tone making it easier to read. This also comes with improved interactivity when submitting, changing or removing ratings.

    03-05-2022 02:13 AM
  • Another round of bug fixes and design updates with an emphasis on improving the user experience for those of you browsing the site on a tablet or comparable medium screen size.

    03-05-2022 02:02 AM
  • Fixed a bug with the "View unlocked achievements" link below your game progress information located in the sidebar of game pages.

    02-17-2022 07:51 PM
  • Added an option to filter achievements by achievement label from the achievements page on game profiles. This new control enables you to select multiple labels (if they are defined) to filter from.

    02-17-2022 07:49 PM
  • Added a couple of new filters to the achievements page on member profiles. This includes options for filtering achievements by achievement label, gamerscore, and game genre. Also fixed a bug related to the achievement visibility setting under Gamertag Settings.

    02-17-2022 07:47 PM
  • Added an "All Achievements" tab to the Explore > Achievements page. This new page enables you to filter achievements using a bunch of brand new filters - including multiple achievement labels!

    02-16-2022 01:43 AM
  • GTN 6.0 is here! This update includes all new redesigned member and game profiles, tons of bug fixes and styling updates, and a complete rewrite of the backend framework.

    02-16-2022 01:39 AM
  • Build 5.9.90

  • Improved identification of game details and features when adding games to the database.

    02-12-2022 10:47 PM
  • Added a new control to the game achievements page which will enable you to quickly filter unlocked and locked achievements. This also comes with all new multi select filtering capabilities on the GTN 6.0 test site.

    02-12-2022 10:44 PM
  • Another round of bug fixes for GTN 6.0 with a key emphasis on improving usability of the mobile site.

    02-12-2022 10:41 PM
  • Tons of changes under the hood in preparation for GTN 6.0. Slimmed down old code, reduced redundancies in the framework, and organized styling and interaction assets for rapid development.

    02-12-2022 10:39 PM
  • Optimized the syncing schedule for smarter discovery of gamertag changes. Updated the sync status page to reflect these changes.

    02-12-2022 03:30 AM
  • Redesigned the game card shown in new/upcoming releases listings.

    02-12-2022 03:28 AM
  • Bulk game database cleanup and bug fixes - changed store links to, added Xbox Series X|S platform to any remaining Xbox One titles that were not updated yet, corrected the platforms display order for games that have 3 or more designated platforms.

    02-12-2022 03:25 AM
  • Fixed a bug related to the Filters panel on game achievements pages. This was causing the Filters panel to remain open/expanded by default for certain individuals.

    02-10-2022 09:57 PM
  • Renamed "Users" to "Community" in the main navigation menu. Removed the Challenges page under the Explore menu due to a lack of new challenges. The Tools menu will also be going away in a future update with those assets moving to the Help and About us area.

    02-10-2022 09:44 PM
  • Fixed a bug when marking all threads as read in the forums.

    02-10-2022 09:37 PM
  • Design tweaks to the top of member profiles and game profiles + member profile components in the sidebar.

    02-10-2022 04:57 AM
  • Made improvements to the activity feed to help reduce redundancies when unlocking multiple achievements.

    02-10-2022 04:55 AM
  • Updated the Playstation profile link at the top of member profiles. Clicking on the PSN icon will now display the PSN ID as opposed to sending you to a dead link.

    02-10-2022 04:53 AM
  • Bug fixes and styling updates for several email notifications.

    02-10-2022 04:50 AM
  • Fixed a bug for those that have opted to sort game listings on their profile by the First Played date by default. This was also added to the sorting options for game listings on member profiles and in the Explore area.

    02-05-2022 02:19 PM
  • Restructured gamertag game data in the database to improve reliability and performance all around the site. You should notice significant improvements to load times on the homepage/dashboard and game listings in the Explore area and on member profiles.

    02-05-2022 02:12 PM
  • Rolled out a bunch of bug fixes with an emphasis on improving consistency across filter and sorting behavior in various areas.

    02-05-2022 02:04 PM
  • Fixed a bug with the quick sorting options while viewing a member's badges list.

    02-03-2022 08:12 PM
  • Added 3 new options for sorting games on your profile. You can now sort by the total number of members that have played the game (Total Players), completed the game (Total Completions), or average rating by those that have played the game (Community Rating).

    02-03-2022 08:08 PM
  • Brand spankin new game and member profiles are on the way!

    01-22-2022 05:34 AM
  • Added "Best Year Ever V" badge -…

    01-19-2022 07:28 PM