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Need an official Gamertag Nation logo? You've come to the right place, because these are the real deal. When you need the official Gamertag Nation logo for a website or publication, please use one of the following.

Gamertag Nation Logos

Full logo for light backgrounds

Full logo for dark backgrounds

Full logo in black

Full logo in white

Text-only logo for light backgrounds

Text-only logo for dark backgrounds

Gamertag Nation Icons

For light backgrounds

For dark backgrounds

Gamertag Nation Colors


Hex: #449D44

RGB: 68, 157, 68

Dark Gray

Hex: #363B40

RGB: 54, 59, 64

Light Gray


RGB: 238, 238, 238

Handy One-Liner

Gamertag Nation is a social network that enables you to effortlessly keep track of what you play and achieve on Xbox Live. Compare your stats with friends and stay connected like never before.