Traveler’s Tall Tale

Achieve 'Traveler’s Tall Tale'

  • Kaiteh

    Kaiteh posted the following guide:

    2v2 and 1v1 modes don't seem to count for this achievement.
  • thesuperbob49

    thesuperbob49 posted the following guide:

    Achievement description is: win a round on 8 different arenas

    There's 14 different arenas split between 3vs3 and 2vs2/1vs1 modes.

    For 2vs2/1vs1 modes, the following maps are available:
    Ring Ruckus, Cliff Clash, Bastion Bash, Brawlin' Bog, Pinnacle Punch-Out, Swinging Spire, Roller Rumble.

    For 3vs3 modes, the following maps are available: Astrolabe Escapade (only in Knockout and Oddball modes), Rockslide Ridge, Crumbling Keep, Sinking Swamp, Spellbound Study, Gutsy Gauntlet and Spinning Spikes.

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