Doll Fancier

Collect all unique dolls in Gilded Steam Ship.

  • HyruleBalverine

    HyruleBalverine posted the following guide:

    If you've been following my guides, you should have "Strike Breaker", "Seasoned Swashbuckler", and "Ship Solver". Keep following in order to get the rest of the dolls on the Gilded Steam Ship:

    If you haven’t already done so, get two more dolls made over at the Artist Makeover shop. Across from the Artist Makeover shop is a place called Previously Dropped Anchors. Stack into the doll inside of that shop.

    Collection: Dropped Anchor Drew (27)

    Use his “Drop Anchor” ability on 5 female dolls. There should be plenty in The Commander’s Buffet.

    Hi-Jinks: Anchor of Love – Drop Anchor near female dolls (5)

    Head back to where you started on the starboard bow and stack into the Grand Adventurers, up to Hunter Darby. While here, stack into your final doll, the ship’s captain.

    Collection: Captain Swing (22)

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