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Complete the Gilded Steam Ship Adventure.

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    After completing the first visit to the Royal Train station, you'll get a cutscene. When the cutscene ends walk toward the people to begin a new cutscene where a carrier pigeon brings you a message from Levi and you receive an explanation about the Secret Hideout. Once that has completed, follow the objective marker back to the train station and speak to Conductor Orville to take the train to the next area, the Gilded Steam Ship.

    Gilded Steam Ship
    OK you land-lubbers, this is a ship, so I will be using some basic nautical terms. The front of the ship is the bow, the left is port, the back is the stern, and the right is starboard. Moving forward is towards the front/bow, and moving aft is towards the back/stern.

    The opening cutscene tells you that the children are being put into forced labor on the ship, and in order to rescue your sister, Agatha, you must rescue the children by stopping the cruise. In order to do this, you must get four very special cruise guests upset enough to confront the ship’s captain. The level begins with you at the starboard bow. Follow the objective marker to the bow of the ship where the Seaside Safari is located. On your way to this first objective, a tutorial screen pops up to introduce Hi-Jinks. Your task here is to “Cause Chaos at the Safari” and makes Safety Inspector Ludd stop the safari, which makes Hunter Darby complain to the captain. Your first challenge requires you to stack into the doll sitting in the cannon.

    Collection: Field Commander Appleyard (24)

    Then, turn the cannon to the left and fire into the steam pipe.

    Challenge: Cause Chaos at the Safari (1/4) – Misfire

    Next, stack into one of the large dolls with a boxing glove (there is one on either side of the Seaside Safari, standing in front of a paper lion). This pops up a tutorial screen informing you of a newly available doll size. Use this dolls ability to give a “Proper Uppercut” to each of the three paper lions, breaking them and stopping the Safari.

    Challenge: Cause Chaos at the Safari (2/4) – Wild Animauler

    Next, go up to the 2nd deck and aft towards the stern where a shark jawbone sits on the railing. There you should find a dog in an argyle sweater. Stack into this dog.

    Collection: Illusion Family Set: Prestige (8)

    Take Prestige and stack into a pelican (there will likely be one near you once you stack into Prestige, if not there will be one near where you started on the starboard side of the ship). Next, return to the Safari while still in the pelican and fly to the nest in the window at the Starboard Bow side of the ship, just behind the Safari.

    Hi-Jinks: Nesting Instincts – Use pelicans to fly to all nests (1 of 4)
    Note that the other three nests are located: On the port quarter railing of the 2nd deck near the shark jawbone; on the starboard quarter railing of the 3rd deck above The Commander’s Buffet; and on the 2nd deck in The Commander’s Buffet.

    From the nest, go into the room and stack into the bear that is inside.

    Collection: Kodiak Bear (1)
    Hi-Jinks: Animal Stack – Stack Prestige, any pelican, and the Kodiak bear together

    Take the bear back to the Seaside Safari and “Growl” at the guests there.

    Challenge: Cause Chaos at the Safari (3/4) – Un-Bear-Able

    For the final solution to this challenge, stack into a doll with the “Make Way” ability, and use it on the dolls tied to the paper zebra to cause them to move over onto the yellow line. Then stack into the cyclists on the bicycle built for four and “Pedal Bike” into the paper zebra.

    Challenge: Cause Chaos at the Safari (4/4) – Penny Lane

    Before moving on, briefly stack into the doll wearing the orange safety vest to add him to your collection.

    Collection: Safety Inspector Ludd (23)

    Now, look for a small doll wearing green. He can usually be found on the first deck running around the forward section. Stack into him and use his ability to “Toot” on other dolls for your next Hi-Jinks challenge.

    Hi-Jinks: Lil’ Stinky – Toot on dolls (5)

    Next, follow the objective marker to The Argyle Ballroom on the port side of the ship. Your task is to disrupt and close down the exhibit being held there, thus sending Professor Ramses to complain to the captain. For the first solution, stack into the security guard standing next to the mummy.

    Collection: Exhibit Guard Walter (14)

    Use his ability to “Escort Small Doll” and move the children out of the way so that you can stack into the mummy.

    Collection: Mummy (4)

    Once in the mummy, simply leave the exhibit.

    Challenge: Sabotage the Exhibit (1/5) – Mummy Dearest

    For the second solution, stack into a boxing doll again (there should be one just outside of The Argyle Ballroom, next to the railing) and give a “Proper Uppercut” to the sarcophagus that is wearing boxing gloves (The Fighting Pharaoh).

    Challenge: Sabotage the Exhibit (2/5) – Fighting Pharaoh

    Remember Prestige the dog? Good; go stack into him. Take him to the Artist Makeover shop inside the forward section of the 2nd deck (just forward of The Commander’s Buffet). Just outside the door to the Artist Makeover shop is a female doll in the same argyle sweater; stack into her.

    Collection: Illusion Family Set: Gwendola (7)

    Take Gwendola to the guest quarters immediately below you on the 1st deck. Stack into the doll that looks like a Gypsy/Romani.

    Collection: Illusion Family Set: Peatrice (6)

    Next, stack Peatrice into the magician standing at the entrance to The Argyle Ballroom.

    Collection: Illusion Family Set: Ronaldo (5)

    After the cutscene, stack back into Ronaldo and use his ability to “Perform Illusion” on the large sarcophagus next to the plaid wall, hiding it.

    Challenge: Sabotage the Exhibit (3/5) – Queen of Argyle
    Hi-Jinks: A Mass Effect – Perform the Argyle Illusion on dolls (1 of 12)
    Note, depending on how close you are to other dolls, the number you have done may vary.

    For the fourth solution, go stack into the sarcophagus next to the stage in The Argyle Ballroom.

    Collection: Gilded Sarcophagus (15)

    Use the “Shine” ability to attract a larger doll to you and stack into it. Again, simply leave The Argyle Ballroom.

    Challenge: Sabotage the Exhibit (4/5) – Relic Rustler

    Now, stack into a violinist and return to the starboard side of the ship, just aft of where you started. You should see a doll standing on a chair. Use the “Play Violin” ability next to him to get him down and stack into him.

    Collection: Pied Piper (2)

    Use his ability to “Play Flute” near the mice at the stern of the ship (near The Buried Treasure club) and lure the mice into The Argyle Ballroom and to the cheese sphinx.

    Challenge: Sabotage the Exhibit (5/5) – Curd of the Ancients

    Before moving on, stack into the little doll that kept shutting the exhibit down.

    Collection: Ferdinand Reginald (13)

    To get to the next challenge, follow the objective marker up the stairs on the starboard quarter, up to The Commander’s Buffet. The cutscene will explain that you need to stop the caviar service, causing Madame Habitant to complain to the captain. After the cutscene, stack into the doll that is wearing a chef’s jacket and carrying a spoon and sack.

    Collection: Gruel Chef Hornsby (10)

    Take him into the kitchen through the small cutout doorway and “Poor Gruel Thickener” into the rolling caviar holder (it looks like a fish with wheels and a hat).

    Challenge: Stop the Caviar Service (1/5) – Caviar Porridge

    Stack into Gruel Chef Hornsby again. This time, “Poor Gruel Thickener” into the water that is moving the little caviar boats between the kitchen and dining area.

    Challenge: Stop the Caviar Service (2/5) – Seas of Gruel

    Stack into a large doll and head aft to the large shark jawbone. Enter the kitchen via the double doors located there, and use the large doll to push the caviar out the doors and to the shark jawbone.

    Challenge: Stop the Caviar Service (3/5) – Eggs Overboard

    Stack into the Pied Piper and return to the large doors to the kitchen. Next to them are three mice; use the Pied Piper’s “Play Flute” ability to lure the mice into the kitchen through the double doors.

    Challenge: Stop the Caviar Service (4/5) – Rat Eggs

    For the final solution, you must stack into the maitre’d / host, who is at his station near the entrance to The Commander’s Buffet.

    Collection: Buffet Host Yves (11)

    Without moving, use his “Summon Caviar Chef” ability, and when the chef appears, stack into him.

    Collection: Caviar Chef Vladimir (9)

    Go into the kitchen for one final time, and “Dump Caviar” to complete this challenge.

    Challenge: Stop the Caviar Service (5/5) – Summons to Appear

    Follow the objective maker up the next flight of stairs to the Towel Service Map Room where you learn that your objective is to muddle the maps and force Doktor Exakt to complain to the Captain. First, stack into the doll that is scrubbing the walls.

    Collection: Mess Officer Morris (12)

    Simply “Scrub” the towels.

    Challenge: Muddle the Maps (1/4) – A Near Mess

    At this point, you get a popup suggesting that you “Confront the Captain”, but we’ll do that later. For now, you should stack into the little red-headed boy who keeps tossing his cookies. You remember our little friend, Hans, don’t you? You’ll find that several dolls get used as part of the collection in more than one area.

    Collection: Hans Allendorf (3)

    Just “Toss Cookies” on the maps.

    Challenge: Muddle the Maps (2/4) – Crumby Maps

    Next, stack into a doll with a white glove and wearing one of those old-school political race hats, and then use him to “White Glove Slap” 10 dolls.

    Hi-Jinks: Slap Happy – White Glove Slap dolls (10)

    Now “White Glove Slap” the map assistant. For whatever reason, possibly due to it being a cutscene, this slap doesn't seem to count for the Hi-Jinks challenges, which is why I had you do the “Slap Happy” Hi-Jinks challenge first.

    Challenge: Muddle the Maps (3/4) – Slapped Clean

    For the final solution, stack into any child doll and take him to the Artist Makeover shop, and then speak to the artist there. He will “makeover” the child by placing a crayon on the child’s head.

    Hi-Jinks: Masquerade Ball – Get dolls made over by the “Artistic Makeover” shop (1/5)
    Note: you will return here for another challenge later, so you may want to wait to complete this Hi-Jinks challenge until then.

    Now, simply “Color” on the maps in the Map Room and you will complete the final solution to this challenge.

    Challenge: Muddle the Maps (4/4) – Color My World

    Before we continue on, stack into the doll you have been harassing in the Map Room.

    Collection: Map Assistant Gilbert (20)

    Follow the objective maker towards the bow and through the small opening that leads to the Grand Adventurers as they try to get to the captain. Your task is to use each of the Grand Adventurer’s abilities, in turn, from smallest to largest, on each of the guards, and finally on the captain.

    Collection: Grand Adventurer Set: Doktor Exakt (19) “Measure” the first guard
    Collection: Grand Adventurer Set: Professor Ramses (18) “Mummify” the second guard
    Hi-Jinks: All Wrapped Up – Use Professor Ramses to mummify dolls (5)
    Note: This ability does not work on all dolls, but get as many as you can here.
    Collection: Grand Adventurers Set: The Hunter Darby (17) “Fire Cork” at the third doll
    Collection: Grand Adventurers Set: Madame Habitant (16) “Intimidate” the Captain

    A cutscene ensues where the ship returns to dock. You meet up with Agatha and learn the fate of your sister, Abigail.

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