Maritime Merriment

Complete all Hi-Jinks in Gilded Steam Ship.

  • HyruleBalverine

    HyruleBalverine posted the following guide:

    If you've been following my guides, you should have "Strike Breaker", "Seasoned Swashbuckler", "Ship Solver", and "Doll Fancier". Keep following in order to complete the Hi-Jinks:

    Stack out of Captain Swing, because it’s time to go hunting. Take Hunter Darby up to the white coated dolls and use his “Fire Cork” ability to shoot them. The Stewards include dolls wearing the lion masks.

    Hi-Jinks: Steward Season – Hit stewards with the cork gun (10)

    Once you complete this, stack down to Professor Ramses and continue to “Mummify” victims until you have completed the Steward Season Hi-Jinks challenge, if you weren't able to earlier.

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