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Collect any suit of cards in the open world.

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    This is a rare achievement, even though it is not THAT hard /grindy to get, if you know what you are doing. Let me try and explain that. Also partial credits to gamer Healtti or this.


    I'll try and add all of the names for the spades, as that is the one I finished. If there are other things I can add feel free to let me know [toast]

    So first things first.
    Cards drop from yellow named enemies in the open world. There are specific spots where these enemies can spawn. Some of them are:

    - Beneath the white house, just south of the little pond at the intersection
    - Southwest of the control point in the top right of Federal triangle district. It is on the Pennsylvania Ave between 9th and 10th street.
    - Beneath the stronghold in Judiciary district, in the courtyard inside the the building south of the starting point for the stronghold.
    - South of the Solar farm control point
    - South of the crash site control point

    The white dots on the map below for a rough indication of what I'm talking about. (there are most likely a lot more spots but these are just the ones I know.

    These named enemies only spawn upon reaching one of the spawn locations, assuming that you haven't killed one, died killing one or ran away while fighting one in the past 30 minutes. It gets a bit trickier however in coop. Getting to spawn one is linked to your own agent. If you join your friend when he spawns one in, you can back out after the fight and theoretically spawn one in your own world. However, if you spawned one in your friends' world and then back out to your own world, you wont be able to spawn one for 30 minutes, started counting after you fought the one in your friends' world. Also take into account that getting in proximity of the named enemies without them seeing you, can count as a spawn. More on this at the bottom of the page at the farm strategy.

    So you will need to complete one of the four decks (diamonds, spades, clubs or hearts)
    Each set consists of 13 cards (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace)

    Blacktusks faction ---- Enemies will be named in 3 words, with the middle one between brackets. e.g. Carson "Riot" Frost, Rebecca "Viper" Osborn, Jake "Boomerang" Reilley, Daisy
    Spades: Hyenas faction - Enemies named just a single word (Dewey, Crab, Sharps, Fever, Bootleg, Mullet, Snowman, Pusher, Sawbuck, Jackknife, Calamity, Cowboy, Spike, excluding Daisy!, that one will drop a diamond card)
    Clubs: Outcasts faction - Enemies will be named " The ..." (The wicked, The Brutal, The Fearless, The Accursed, The Valiant, The Reckless)
    Hearts: True Sons faction - Enemies will have military names, e.g. Staff Sergeant Bonville, Specialist Harrington, Corporal Stanley, Lieutenant Donne, Captain Matthews, Sergeant Edwards, Major Wyatt

    To check which ones you have unlocked, check the collectibles progression in the database (Start, progression, RB twice towards DC and then database. Then at the bottom it should display the progression for the 4 Snitch cards)

    Now the best thing would be if you only had to kill 13 named enemies and get your cards to complete a deck like that, right? Blacktusks won't spawn until you've reached tier 1, thus you only have a possible of 3x13= 39 cards to spawn until then. Therefore, go for this achievement before that and focus on anything BUT diamonds. The farm strategy can be done on any spot, though the whitehouse location is the best in my opinion. Spawn on the whitehouse, run outside the gate, and immediately as you leave the gate, you will notice a little pond. Do not progress much further towards the spawn location than this pond! You can basically re-roll the named enemy by teleporting back to the whitehouse, if the named enemy is one which drops a card you don't need. To do this, do not attack anyone and do not get closer to the named enemies than you need to. Only progress as far for them to spawn in, then zoom in with your rifle until you can see his name. The named enemy will almost always spawn in the center of the 5 guys. If you want the drop from the current named enemy, kill him. If not, fast travel to the whitehouse and try again.

    Note: The more cards you get from one deck, the slimmer the chances will get that you get an enemy you need. I personally had to do my final 5 cards in tier 1, and the reroll progress for the final card lasted over half an hour of constantly fast travelling and hoping that the guy would appear.

    Below here the strategy on the map.
    Red cross is where the named enemies spawn, the center of the yellow cursor is where you should be able to see the enemies' name from roughly, and the blue lines are the 2 possible routes from the location you spawn in at the white house to the spot where you check their name.

    -Have the self revive hive equipped in case you go down.
    -Throw grenades at the start to damage multiple guys at once
    -Do this in coop so you can revive each other if needed
    -If you go down in solo, don't respawn but try to get a friend to join. As long as you do not respawn, the named enemy will not disappear!
    - Join friends in their world to get more than 1 card in half an hour.
    - Named enemies in missions, while doing bounties, in the dark zone, etc. will NOT COUNT.
    - Everytime you start playing the game go for a card. You should always be able to spawn one, assuming you haven't played the game in the 30 minutes prior to starting it.
    - Fog can be an issue. If there is fog, just go up to named enemies and kill whatever is there. You will need to go so close that re-rolling is not an option.

    Edit: completer list (I have the other names but will update later), thanks to cobratodd
    Spades (card to boss kill )
    2 - Dewey
    3 - Crab
    4 - Sharps
    5 - Fever
    6 - Bootleg
    7 - Mullet
    8 - Snowman
    9 - Pusher
    10 - Sawbuck
    Jack - Jacknite
    Queen - Calamity
    King - Cowboy
    Ace - Spike

    Hearts (card to boss killed )
    2 - Staff Sergeant Bonville
    3 - Staff Sergeant Greystoke
    4 - Specialist Harrington
    5 - Specialist Neville
    6 - Corporal Stanley
    7 - Corporal Tyrell
    8 - Lieutenant Schwartz
    9 - Lieutenant Donne
    10 - Caption Matthews
    Jack - Sergeant Edwards
    Queen - Sergeant Hastings
    King - Major Coppin
    Ace - Major Wyatt

    Clubs ( card to boss killed)
    2 - The Accursed
    3 - The Determined
    4 - The Hunter
    5 - The Valiant
    6 - The Fury
    7 - The Peacemaker
    8 - The Reckless
    9 - The Scar
    10 - The Fearless
    Jack - The Brutal
    Queen - The Wicked
    King - The Cardinal
    Ace - The Cursed

    Video guide made by Damron:

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