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  • GTN Eric

    GTN Eric posted a guide for Cook Pirates.

    I found the following video guide helpful in describing what is needed for this achievement. Credit goes to PAXTAG on YouTube for the commentary.

    Basically you need to cook 15 items in a single go using the cooking pot located within any outpost or den. One of the easiest way of doing so is collecting or purchasing at least Flour x15 and Coconut x15 and using those ingredients to cook with.
  • GTN Eric

    GTN Eric posted a guide for Take this on your way down!.

    This is found in story mode > Round 3A on the fourth level.

    From the start of the level, interact with the caveman on the left a few times and then interact with the caveman in front of the "Gameboy" on the right to worship it. Then interact with the "Gameboy" and complete the jump mini game which will start up the running sequence. You will need to allow one of the cavemen to advance ahead of you prior to the last jump so he can give you a high five as you try to clear the final jump.
  • SoyUnPeseta

    SoyUnPeseta posted a guide for Honex Employee of the Month 1.

    You can unlock this achievement after beat level 7.
  • GTN Eric

    GTN Eric posted a guide for And this is how I met him....

    This is found in story mode > Round 2C on the 3rd level (i.e. the one where everyone wants to lick you). From the start of the level, simply go left into the bathroom and interact with the guy leaving the stall.
  • Notorious
  • GTN Eric

    GTN Eric posted a guide for I can't believe you've done that!.

    This is available in story mode > Round 2A on the office tower level. From the start of the level, head right to the elevator and select floor 2F. Then, head left from the elevator into the office and select the sleeping guy to kick him.
  • Notorious

    Notorious posted a guide for Thank You For Being A Fan!!!.

    Beware… these credits be long
  • GTN Eric

    GTN Eric posted a guide for It's good to be short!.

    This is found under story mode > Round 1A and on the fourth level (the forest level). Simply click to interact with the tree branch in the top left corner.
  • zoid

    zoid posted a guide for Expert Herbalist.

    Not difficult to get over the course of a playthrough since resources are quite plentiful. Wooded areas and shorelines seem to be the best places to search.

    If you want to speed this up, make sure you visit different areas of the map with different biomes to get a variety of resources.

    There’s also a skill you can unlock that makes resources appear on your minimap, but you might already have this achievement by the time you unlock that.
  • zoid

    zoid posted a guide for Snapping turtle.

    You can’t move while in prone camo so this achievement requires you to basically ambush an enemy as they walk past you.

    I got this by stumbling across a few enemies patrolling through the jungle and going prone camo in their path.

    You could also find an enemy and try to lure them over to you by throwing a bullet casing to get their attention.
  • zoid

    zoid posted a guide for More Than 2 Weapons At Once?.

    Using the “Give All” cheat will unlock this.

    While in-game press down d pad, X, click right stick, right d pad to open the cheat menu.
  • zoid

    zoid posted a guide for Hunter becomes the Hunted.

    Wolves are tougher enemies indicated by the wings icon shown in the picture for this achievement.

    They have more body armor than regular Sentinel soldiers, but they’re easier to bring down than the juggernaut minigun guys. And headshots bring them down fine.
  • zoid

    zoid posted a guide for Simple Geometry.

    Make sure you have the rocket launcher equipped in your inventory, then select it from the weapon wheel.

    Best way to get a double kill is to target an occupied enemy vehicle, which usually have at least a driver and a gunner. You can wait by a major road and one should drive by eventually. Or if you’re attacking a base and reinforcements are called, you can target a car full of enemies as it arrives.

    Press and hold LB to aim the launcher, then fire with RT.
  • zoid

    zoid posted a guide for Get it off me!.

    When you’re tagging enemies look for one carrying a drone. (They’re indicated by an icon that looks like a quadcopter style drone, with four circles.)

    Get yourself behind the guy with the drone and put some shots into his back. You should be able to see where the drone is carried and take it out before the enemy has time to react.
  • zoid

    zoid posted a guide for It's free real estate.

    You can discover bivouacs by stumbling across them or looking for the smoke-like signals indicating where they are, but I think the easiest way is by looking for the intel icon (the little “i”s) and selecting a nearby bivouac whenever that’s an option. (Instead of a weapon blueprint, collectible, etc.)

    No matter what this will take some time to get, but easily accomplished during a playthrough.
  • zoid

    zoid posted a guide for Cheating!.

    Activate the cheat menu by loading into any level and pressing

    - down (d pad)
    - X
    - click right stick
    - right (d pad)

    Then select one of the cheats
  • zoid

    zoid posted a guide for Death from above.

    This was a bit tricky because I tried to be more sneaky my first few attempts. It can be difficult to find enemies while you’re still in the air.

    A more foolproof method is to be aggressive and parachute right into the middle of an enemy base, so you have a number of readily-available targets to engage as soon as you land. You can always lower the combat difficulty if that helps.
  • zoid

    zoid posted a guide for Wildland Millionaire.

    You’ll earn 100k credits pretty easily by completing missions, opening crates containing credits, and taking them off of fallen enemies. No need to go too much out of your way, you’ll get enough credits eventually so long as you put the time in.

    I recommend spending at least some of those points on vehicles. It’s nice to have some options available at bivouacs, like an attack helicopter, armored car, dirtbike, etc.
  • ResiGamer32

    ResiGamer32 posted a guide for High fashion.

    Currently broken and unobtainable for most. A patch is in the works.
  • ResiGamer32

    ResiGamer32 posted a guide for Completionist.

    As it currently stands this achievement is bugged and highly unlikely to unlock. A patch is in the works.
  • zoid

    zoid posted a guide for You Monster.

    In the southeast part of the map there’s an area called Kelso Fields. Go there, and look for these tower things surrounded by fields.

    In the fields you’ll see large vehicles that look like farm equipment. Blow one up and this will unlock.
  • zoid

    zoid posted a guide for War never ends.

    The 8 missions need to be done in one *real life* day, not an in-game day. This isn’t nearly as time-sensitive as you might think.

    The available missions reset every 24 hours. If you look at the available faction missions in the menu it will show you how many hours/minutes are left until the daily reset.

    As long as you have an hour or two before the reset you should be able to knock the 8 missions out. But if the reset is coming up soon, just wait for the clock to restart before starting the first mission.
  • zoid

    zoid posted a guide for Heart of Darkness.

    The carillons are spread across the map, but are all fairly accessible. Between fast traveling and flying a helicopter you can reach them all no problem. You don’t need to interact with them, standing near them for a few seconds will suffice.

    This video (credit to Gaming with Abyss) shows the locations better than I can explain them:
  • zoid

    zoid posted a guide for Born in the purple.

    You need to have Gear Level turned on to unlock this. But if you’re like me and you’ve been playing with it off for your entire playthrough, you can still unlock this.

    Once I was a good way into my playthrough I turned Gear Level on and played for an hour or so and managed to collect enough purple gear to fill every slot.

    If you have it set so that you can only carry one primary weapon, you will need to switch it to two primaries and fill both slots with purple weapons.
  • zoid

    zoid posted a guide for Come Get Some.

    You only need to finish the 9th and final level (“Stadium”) in order to unlock this.

    It’s a straightforward boss fight than can be quickly and easily accomplished with the God Mode and Give All cheats - which do not disable the achievement.

    As soon as you load into the level press down (d pad), X, click right stick, right (d pad) to bring up the cheat menu.