Complete Dam on any difficulty.

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    Updated 02-01-2023 03:57 AM

    Story related for finishing level 1: The Dam

    Speedrun Method for 00 difficulty:
    Run left around the corner and kill the guard. Pick up his gun, cross the bridge and run in front of the truck, running down the tunnel.

    Exiting the tunnel at the other side, go right around the back of the guard tower, and stick to the right hand wall, going behind the crates and the bunker. Hit the button by the gate to open it, run inside, hit the next button to open the next gate.

    Run forward, kill the guard by the left wall, and go forward and open the gate, making sure to shoot the alarm box on the wall of the small building as you get to the gate (1/4).

    Head to the right around the boxes to find a display in the wall - open the watch menu, select your modem from the inventory to equip it, and close the watch menu. Head close up to the screen and press "fire" to put the modem on the screen (Obj. 1 completed).

    Continue through the level to the top of the dam. Open the door of the first guard tower and shoot the alarm box on the wall (2/4). Go back out to the dam.

    Head to the second tower, open the door and shoot the alarm box (3/4) and then head back out.

    Head to the third tower, open the door and shoot the alarm (4/4, Obj. 2 completed). Head downstairs in the tower and go left at the bottom, killing guards as you go.

    In the room at the end, head to the first server at the rear left of the room and press action. This will start a countdown. Once this has finished, go back down the corridor, climb the stairs back up to the dam and leap off.

    Achievement unlocked!

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